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Mandarin Poster

Send us in a picture of your poster and well add it to our gallery.

Shipping is $5 for the first poster, $2 for each extra one, to any country.

Send us an email nd we will set you up with some sweet dealz.

Use a water-based marker pen to highlight the characters you have learned and visualize your progress.

We wont email you for any other reason, or share your address with anyone else.

Kudos ing me a new, free poster, because I received my first heavily damaged! Great service!

Each character is shown withpinyinpronunciation, a memorablekeywordandcoordinatesto easily look-up extra details.

Weve optimized our poster for self-printing and split it into levels – go from a humble grasshopper to jade emporer.

If youd like us to email you when we release something new, just enter your address here.

Put it somewhere you pass everyday, it will be a daily reminder and motivation to study. Check out theseexamples.

Spot characters you already know and the ones you dont. Memorize them together with their keyword and pinyin, or look them up with our reference sheets.

Got a new nerdy gift for myself in the mail today, – SO nice! =) Order this,you wont regret /PPdwOvyg

@MandarinPosterSpeedy delivery! Cant wait until every single one is circled in red 🙂 m/sJu0OY7DCE

The first set of Chinese characters you should learn, or die trying

If you have ordered before, send us in an awesome picture of your poster and well see what we can do.

Dave is a learner of Chinese, designer of websites, and lover of technology, in that order. Originally from England, hes been living in Taiwan and learning Mandarin Chinese for almost eight hundred years. He founded and runsChinese Hacks, a blog dedicated to learning Chinese. You can follow Dave on ly ask for at any number of Betel Nut stores in southern Taiwan.

Go from confused to confucius with our first and second poster combo

We advise using a water-based marker pen to mark off characters you know. Test the pen on a corner of the poster to make sure it can be wiped off first!

Coated with a thin plastic film so you can write on it/eat your dinner off it.

Send us an email ith your order number and we will sort it out.

Most of our posters are coated with a plastic film after printing, its not as thick as laminate but thats a good thing as its lighter and better for the environment. Check the store pages to get the low-down on specific posters.

That depends on which country you are located in, however in general all orders take around 1-4 weeks to arrive.

Wanna have high quality poster on your wall to learn simplified Chinese? Order 1 . Mine is in kitchen.

Yes, we offer PDF versions of the posters that you can print yourself. They are available in ourstore.

@MandarinPosterposter received! It took less than a week to arrive here in The

Two dedicated life-long learners of Chinese

We use the best quality paper to ensure durability and to avoid sagging/ripping.

A must have for any serious student of Chinese with plenty of wall space:Amazing, guys!

0% of the profits go to Chairman Mao.

We took our character frequency list and added a whole bunch of extra information.

After spending several years learning Chinese and ranking the various stores in Taiwan, Chris heard the call of his native haggis and so said goodbye to the land of dumplings. When hes not pondering over radicals and stroke order, hes making character frequency lists for fun or working on various side projects for MandarinPoster such asCharacterPopandChinese is Awesome.

Just like our first poster, but 100% more intimidating

Can also be used as a cape to help fight crime

May also be used as a flag to ward off enemies


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