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In long man dictionary verbal means spoken rather than writing and oral mean spoken not written so what is the difference

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In other words, the adjectiveoralmeans pertaining to speech or to the mouth).

In long man dictionary verbal means spoken rather than writing and oral mean spoken not written so what is the difference

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The distinction between the two terms is as follows:

. Though both mean about the same, we dont say

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@Sander It might be good to clarify that

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Normally,verbalisnot usedto refer tospokentext, even though it can. In this case it is better to u搜索引擎优化ralinstead to more clear.

This may seem like a morass, but dont despair. Avoiding this accident of style is easier than you may think. Just remember that oral refers to spoken words, written refers to written words, and verbal refers to anything expressed in words, whether spoken or written.

Please dontcross-post. The EL&U question

I think your confusion is caused by the definition 3 from theAmerican Heritage Dictionary of the English Languageof the wordverbal:

oral quiz and verbal quiz what is the difference

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in some contexts. Your answer only gives the most common meaning of the two words.

If you were supposed to learn my language I could have understood your confusion since verbal means always oralverba volant, scripta manem. But English is different, only in some specific instances verbal means oral. However, oral doesnt always mean verbal. When referring to mouth you use oral:

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. On the other hand, we dont say

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Oral, on the other hand, has nothing to do with written words. In the context of language it refers to anything that isspoken. In other context it can also refer to things that are related tothe mouthor the way certain medication is taken (oral medication = medication taken via the mouth).

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(Charles Harrington Elster, The Accidents of Style: Good Advice on How Not to Write Badly. St. Martins Press, 2010).

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I put a simplified explanation at the bottom of my answer

sory but i didnt understand you can you explain it using simpler words

What is the difference between the wordsverbalandoral? I am confused a lot about these words and I would be grateful for your effort if you try to write about the difference.

Verbalapplies to everything that is turned intowords. It doesnt matter if these arewrittenwordsorspokenones.

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Can you quote some dictionary entries you checked and explain why theyre still confusing?

The adjective verbal means pertaining to words, whether written or spoken (though verbal is sometimes treated as a synonym for oral).

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, verbal quiz will focus on words (as in Sanders answer), whereas oral quiz will be spoken. Id recommend learning aboutcollocation. A well-known example is

can overlap, they dont always mean the same thing. When theyre used with

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