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Mandarin and Cantonese speakers will see the same characters on the page and get the same meaning from reading them, but will pronounce those characters as different words.

Either of them. Mandarin and cantonese are only different in the way theyre spoken, theyre written the same way on paper. You can read written chinese in either mandarin or cantonese and it will sound correct.

…which isnt comprehensible for any English speaker who hasnt gone through the Germanic educational system. Thats where English speakers read by applying plausible readings to Germanic characters, even if some of those readings like wharven arent part of day-to-day English. If English speakers tried to write down the sentence in idiomatic English

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Pretty much spot on. Chinese characters also dont tell you how its pronounced, which is why this difference works.

My elders have a house deer ur-wharven.

Cantonese has a romanised version as well. Except nobody uses it.

Common Germanic characters are taught in school even for English speakers, so German and English speakers can both readthis. German speakers read the sentence off as

If Chinese spoken languages, such as Mandarin and Cantonese, are different than Chinese written languages, such as Chinese Traditional and Simplified, what language are you speaking if youre reading written Chinese aloud?

Meine Eltern haben ein Haustier erworben.

people who learned Germanic and dont know how Vernacular English is written, including many English speakers, wouldnt recognize the characters such slang words like pet and acquired,if there are characters for them at all.

Chinese speakers overwhelmingly write using the vocabulary and sentence structure ofStandard Mandarin. Even people who speak other kinds of Chinese, like Cantonese, mostly write using Mandarin vocabulary and sentence structure but then theyll read that text out loud with their own regional pronunciation.

*majority of the world outside mainland china uses traditional

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Is it as simple as: if people who speak English with regional dialects were to read a word aloud, such as soda, some people read the same written word soda aloud as pop and others read aloud as soda? Or am I missing the idea?

Most written Chinese nowadays is based on a transliteration of the spoken Mandarin language, which is rather different from spoken Cantonese.

It might make more sense if we do a thought experiment:give German the status of Mandarin and English the status of other kinds of Chinese, like Cantonese.

and English speakers read the sentence out loud as

Mandarin does have pinyin which is a romanised version tells you how its pronounced but it wont be used as much outside of typing and for foreign language exam.

taiwan uses traditional, mainland uses simplified, cantonese i think is in the south and it sounds very different from mandarin

Yes, thats the idea. The Chinese writing system helps here because the way characters look has nothing to do with how theyre pronounced, unlike how spelling words in e.g. English works.

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