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The second forum for the usage of the English language.

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We can help you with legal grammar and vocabulary, but WE DO NOT OFFER OPINIONS ON MATTERS OF LAW.

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Dedicated to re-education and a broader understanding of othersTopic of the MomentAnything and everythingBook, Film and TV ReviewsPost your recommendations and reviewsGeneral English Grammar & Vocabulary, Listening & SpeakingThis group has 8 forums and 1368583 posts.Grammar & Sentence StructureAsk questions on grammar and get your sentence checkedVideo & Distance LearningLinks and discussions for online learning resources, videos and online classrooms.Vocabulary & IdiomsDefining and explaining words and idiomsAudio, Speech & PronunciationQuestions about accents and help with pronunciationFrequently Asked Questions & AnswersThe most commonly asked questions and their answersSoftware & Online LearningAdvice and reviews on online learning software & internet educational toolsProficiency Tests & Test-takingEnglish language proficiency testsIELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC, etc.For PRACTICE QUIZZES, use the STUDENTS tab at the top of our Homepage.English Language SchoolsInformation and reviews on English language schools around the world.Teaching English as a Foreign/Second Language (TEFL/TESL)This group has 4 forums and 6398 posts.Teaching Jobs (TEFL/TESL)This section is closely moderated. NO SPAM.

This group has 7 forums and 62461 posts.

English for Information Technology, technology and the sciences

Forum for any topic unrelated to learning English

Devoted to the teaching of English (especially as a second language).

Discuss the fine points of language history and English semantics and syntax

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Post your story here so that we can enjoy reading it. You may get some critical comments.

Ucenje engleskog za ljude sa srpskog govornog podrucja na srpskom, hrvatskom i engleskom na svim nivoima.

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Post and discuss famous, memorable or cautionary quotations

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Cultural Similarities & Differences

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How particular words, phrases, and syntactic forms are used; how they originated; and where in the English-speaking world theyre prevalent.

Teaching ChildrenEverything related to teaching English to childrenTeaching EnglishInformation, discussion and questions on teaching English as a foreign languageEnglish Language ServicesEnglishforum members offering language services

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The craft or business of screenwriting.

Questions on medical and dental English.

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Please register if you wish to post here.ESL Reading and WritingThis group has 6 forums and 117354 posts.Essay, Paragraph, Dialog & other Composition WritingPost your paragraph, dialog, report, essay, short story or other composition here for review.WE DO NOT WRITE ESSAYS.PoetryPost your own work here for review or ask about a poem youre readingSong Writing & LyricsAsk about lyrics or post your own for review.Articles by Teachers on ESL/EFLResource of articles submitted by our teachersFormal, General & Business Letter WritingEmails, motivation, business, leave, sponsorship, etc., letters,WE DO NOT WRITE LETTERS.

English for meetings, negotiations, presentations, marketing and international trade. (Please use ourLETTER-WRITING FORUMfor business letters.)

The use and abuse of the English language, as used in the UK, including serious and humorous examples, likes and dislikes, and the evolution of English.

English for Specific Purposes (ESP)

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