We have tablets, if you prefer oral administration.

La madre de Amanda la llev a que le dieran anticonceptivos orales antes de que comenzara a tener relaciones sexuales.

As the daughter of a dentist, she learned good oral hygiene from a very young age.

I have to pass an oral with all the professors in the department in order to get my degree.

Debo pasar un examen oral con todos los profesores del departamento para conseguir mi licenciatura.

Puede haber sido un acuerdo verbal, pero el hecho de que hubiera docenas de testigos refuerza su validez.

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Amandas mother took her to get oral contraceptives before she began having sex.

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Tengo que estudiar para el examen oral de mañana.

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It may have been an oral agreement, but the fact that there were dozens of witnesses reinforces its validity.

Nora se senta ansiosa por tener que pasar un oral.

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My grandmother wrote down the oral history that had been passed along to her by her grandmother.

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Nora was feeling anxious about having to pass an oral.

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Mi abuela anot la historia oral que le haba transmitido su abuela.

Tenemos tabletas, si prefieres tomar el medicamento por va oral.

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Como hija de dentista, aprendi a tener una buena higiene bucal desde muy temprana edad.

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I have to study for tomorrows oral exam.

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