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My doctor put me onoralcontraceptives to induce a period, figuring it would help build bone.

oral methods of language teaching; oral traditions.

Lights and Shadows in Confederate Prisons

Will men say, The later the ballad, the more it is altered inoraltradition?

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of, using, or transmitted by speech:

Of or relating to the first stage of psychosexual development in psychoanalytic theory, in which the mouth is the focus of exploration and pleasure.

These new developments are all the more positive when you take into account the dark history of the MPAA andoralsex.

) pronounced with the soft palate in a raised position completely closing the nasal cavity and allowing air to pass out only through the mouth

pertaining to that surface of polyps and marine animals that contains the mouth and tentacles.

an examination in which the questions and answers are spoken rather than written

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denoting a drug to be taken by mouth:

relating to, affecting, or for use in the mouth:

of, relating to, or involving the mouth:

relating to a stage of psychosexual development during which the childs interest is concentrated on the mouth

done, taken, or administered through the mouth:

He was attempting to force me intooralsex, Ruehli told Philadelphia Magazine.

of or relating to gratification by stimulation of the lips or membranes of the mouth, as in sucking, eating, or talking.

1620s, from Late Latinoralis, from Latinos(genitiveoris) mouth, opening, face, entrance, from PIE*os-/*ous-mouth (cf. Sanskritasanmouth,asyammouth, opening, Avestanah-, Hittiteaish, Middle Irishamouth, Old Nor搜索引擎优化ssmouth of a river, Old Englishorbeginning, origin, front). Psychological meaning of the mouth as the focus of infantile sexual energy (e.g.oral fixation) is from 1910. The sexual sense is first recorded 1948, in Kinsey. As a noun, oral examination, attested from 1876. Related:Orally(c.1600);orality.

denoting personality traits, such as dependence, selfishness, and aggression, resulting from fixation at the oral stage

Also, when Nelson died and Hugh Morrow did his ownoralhistory project and talked to about 75 Rockefeller associates.

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After his mother arrived, the questioning ended, but hisoraladmissions were admitted into testimony.

of or relating to the earliest phase of infantile psychosexual development, lasting from birth to one year of age or longer, during which pleasure is obtained from eating, sucking, and biting.

anal(sense 2),genital(sense 2),phallic(sense 2)

an oral examination in a school, college, or university, given especially to a candidate for an advanced degree.

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of, relating to, or using spoken words

of or relating to the sublimation of feelings experienced during the oral stage of childhood:

That is the type oforallesson which is most common at the present day.

of or relating to the surface of an animal, such as a jellyfish, on which the mouth is situated

He had made them, written andoral, and had only been laughed at for a half-crazy explorer.

oralfossa: in Mallophaga, a furrow lying in front of the mandibles.

Several of us had formed a class fororalinstruction in French.

articulated with none of the voice issuing through the nose, as the normal English vowels and the consonants

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