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When it comes to conversation, 50% of the time is spent talking and the other 50% spent listening t…

There are some great answers that get into the nitty-gritty parts where Chinese speakers struggle with English the most, such as consonant clusters, short vowels , gliding vowels and semivowels, et…

Let me take off my political hat for a moment and go to my voice guy hat.

When it comes to quality of speaking–as opposed to the quality of what they say–I think the two best voices are Ben Carson…

In response to your question, I have a practical solution for you, but you need to put in the sweat equity of intense effort and focused execution along these lines:

You need consider these challenges in English speaking and have ways to overcome them:

1. First of all you need to build up your vocabulary with the most common words so that you c…

In order to make tangible improvements to your spoken English in one month you need to do the following:

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