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Oral presentation

But, should the government make it illegal? I dont think so, because Hong Kong is a place where people can enjoy lots of freedom and if the government banned the sale of cigarettes, many people would disagree with this and stand up to fight for their freedom.

Write out the whole presentation and read it aloud.

The sale of cigarettes should be made illegal.

Explain what your presentation is about at the beginning:

Regards, Tina ( LearnEnglish Teen Team)

Use short, simple sentences to express your ideas clearly.

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Firstly, I think getting good academic results is the first factor to make you become popular since, having a good academic result, your teacher will award you in front of your schoolmates. Then, your schoolmates will know who you are and maybe they would like to get to know you because they want to learn something good from you.

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Thanks, itll help me in my next speaking exam

Moreover, Hong Kong is a free market. If theres such a huge government intervention, I think its not good for Hong Kongs economy.

Knitting is it just for grannies?

Practise your presentation. If possible record yourself and listen to your presentation. If you cant record yourself, ask a friend to listen to you. Does your friend understand you?

As we all know, cigarettes are not good for our health, not only oneself but also other people around. Moreover, many people die of lung cancer every year because of smoking cigarettes.

Learning to drive: everything you need to know

Its not safe to share your Skype name with people you dont know! Please be careful and dont share your personal details with strangers on this site or any other site.

You might have one of these at home. Do you know what it is?

Only look at your note card. Its important to look up at your listeners when you are speaking.

So, if the government wants people to stop smoking cigarettes, what should it do? I think the government can use other administrative ways to do so, for example education and increasing the tax on cigarettes. Also, the government can ban the smokers smoking in public areas. So, this is the end of my presentation. Thank you.

Have your notes ready in case you forget anything.

Homework should be limited to just two nights a week.

Find content for your English level

Melissa:Hi, everyone! Today I would like to talk about how to become the most popular teen in school.

In conclusion, I think to become the most popular teen in school we need to have good academic results and also participate in school clubs and student union. Thank you!

Pause from time to time and dont speak too quickly. This allows the listener to understand your ideas. Include a short pause after each idea.

To introduce the opposite point of view you can use these words and expressions:

Write out the whole presentation and learn every word by heart.

Do not use your full name (your real first name and surname) as your user name.

Violent computer games should be banned.

Secondly, I think participating in school clubs and student unions can help to make you become popular, since after participating in these school clubs or student union, people will know who you are and it can help you to make friends all around the school, no matter senior forms or junior forms.

Use these expressions to order your ideas:

Should school students be required to wear a school uniform?

Do not share your email address, phone number, home address, school name, messenger ID or passwords with anyone.

Check your understanding: grouping – useful phrases

Watch the video of two students doing an oral presentation as part of a speaking exam. Then read the tips below.

Use the planning time to prepare what youre going to say.

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Check your language: ordering – parts of a presentation

Look at the people who are listening to you.

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How to become the most popular teen in school.

Its not easy to give a good oral presentation but these tips will help you. Here are our top tips for oral presentations.

Knitting is it just for grannies?

whether and to advise, she must practice many times you have to say and be quiet to avoid mistakes

Do you think these tips will help you in your next speaking exam? Remember to tell us how well you do in future speaking exams!

Giving an oral presentation as part of a speaking exam can be quite scary, but were here to help you. Watch two students giving presentations and then read the tips carefully. Which tips do they follow? Which ones dont they follow?

Yes these tips will help me in my speaking during my presentation in front of people. I am sure that these tips are very good while presentation.

Heres an interesting picture. Can you add a caption for it?

Learning to drive: everything you need to know

If you are allowed to have a note card, write short notes in point form.

Speak clearly and at the right volume.

In think that the top tips that this page gives are good for exams but I dont have a lot of this type of exams. 😀

The main focus of this presentation is …

Kelvin:Good evening, everyone! So, today I want to talk about whether the sale of cigarettes should be made illegal.

Make your opinions very clear. Use expressions togive your opinion.

Use these expressions to add more ideas from the same point of view:

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