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phrase meaning

Meaning of the phrasal verb get all X on in context

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is a phrase meaningthe description of, usually colocated withlikeordont like

RECEPTIONIST: Yes, we operate several tours up the coast. Where in particular did you wan to go?

What word describes the top of a persons head?

Where can I find a list of publicly accessible paternoster elevators?

Can this helicopter/wrecking ball combo remain airborne?

Can I use multiple voltage regulators in a circuit safely?

Cleaning the rear element of a lens?

Went home sick first day of work. How can I limit the damage?

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When did almuerzo and desayuno stop being synonyms, and why?

GPA rounding 2.498 to 2.5. How ethical is this?

LaTeX Theory – How Symbols are Modeled Under the Hood

Student dissatisfied with exam grade: what to watch out for?

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Did the Ancient Greek Philosophers actually believe in their Gods and Myths?

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Why are research papers written in language thats difficult for undergraduate students?

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So, What is the sound of mean in English? Is it widely used in oral English?

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I listened a dialog from IELTS that was

How does one ride a broom in Harry Potter films?

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CUSTOMER: Well, I likethe sound ofthe holiday that mentioned whales. Was it Whale Watching?

How does invisibility work in Skyrim?

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Great Expectations [is written vs has been written] by Charles Dickens

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What were all the references in Deadpool 2?

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Why do journals reformat your submissions?

The description of the steak is tasty, I want to have some!

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The steak is thick and juicy and cooked to a succulent texture.

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