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Picture Books About China and the Chinese Language (Mandarin

The Jade Emperor decides to name each calendar year after an animal and will pick the order based off the first twelve animals who finished in a race. 13 animals start but only 12 can finish. Who do you predict will be out?

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The Emperor gives all the children in his kingdom a flower seed to plant and grow. Ping loves flowers but his seed fails to grow. He takes his empty pot to the Emperor and admits that the seed failed to grow. To his surprise, the Emperor rewards Ping for his honesty.

The Cat from Hunger Mountainby Ed Young (maybe CHINA, somewhere in Asia)Gorgeous mixed-media collage illustrate a new fable-like tale with a valuable life lesson. Lord Cat, a rich is a greedy, and wasteful land owner until famine strikes his land. At his lowest point, desperate for food and shelter, he meets a kind monk who feeds him from the Lord Cats wasted rice from up stream.And for the first time ever, he knew what it felt like to be truly blessed.

The Great Race: The Story of the Chinese Zodiacby Dawn Casey

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Demis written illustrated a gorgeous, detailed biography about the Chinese philosopher Confucius. She explains how he became a tutor then sought to improve society through public service and compassion. The amount of text makes this better for upper elementary age students, 8 and up.

The Dragon Prince: A Chinese Beauty and the Beast Taleby Laurence Yep, illustrated by Kam Mak

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Riding on a Caravan: A Silk Road Adventureby Laurie Krebs, illustrated by Helen CannA family travels on the Silk Road with camels and cargo. Narration of the nine month journey with detailed illustrations of the trip is accompanied by a delightful lyrical refrain: Were riding on a caravan, a bumpy, humpy caravan, Were riding on a caravan to places far away. Back matter shares the story of silk and a map of the Silk Road. Read this book to introduce kids to this important piece of history and culture.

Lin invites readers to learn all about this delicious Chinese cuisine as a family picks out their food to eat. Yum!

My First Book of Chinese Words: An ABC Rhyming Book of Language and Cultureby Faye-Lynn Wu, illustrated by Aya Padron

The Runaway Wok: A Chinese New Year Taleby Ying Chang CompestenSort of a Gingerbread Man and Jack and the Beanstalk hybrid story, a boy returns home without food but a wok instead. To make matters worse, the work runs away. But, it returns with quite a surprise!

My daughter says this picture book isSO MUCHbetter than the original Goldilocks and the Three Bears because in this story of a young Chinese girl named Goldy, Goldy returns to the scene of her crime to apologize and help fix things. Thisisa better ending. I agree!

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Beautiful illustrations show family life while sharing the Chinese language and culture.

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The family prepares for New Year Jie-Jie sweeps the old year out of the house, Ba-Ba hangs the poems, Ma-Ma makes the dumplings, everyone does their part. Richly patterned artwork makes this story pop.

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The Chinese Emperors New Clothesby Ying Chang Compestine, illustrated by David RobertsRichly detailed illustrations accompany this delightful twist on a classic fairy tale. Ming Da became emperor of China as a boy. His ministers stole from the treasury but instead of firing them, Ming Da found a better way to teach them a lesson. With the help of his tailors, he tricked the Ministers into thinking his new clothes made of burlap rice sacks were magical, that only honest people could see the splendor. The tailors trick the Ministers into giving back the jewels and silk they stole and were so embarrassed they fled the country. Kids will love the Chinese cultural elements within the illustrations like the designs, the hairstyles, the dragons, and the fashion.

Chineasy for Childrenby ShaoLanShaoLan created this system to show children how to remember Chinese characters by imagining them as pictures. It works, too. Im always going to remember person and tree. You HAVE to check this out Id really impressed. I think this method could revolutionize teaching non-Mandrain speakers!

Goldy Luck and the Three Pandasby Natasha Yim, illustrated by Grace Zong

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Find Moms Wokby Jung Hee Kim, illustrated by Jung Ah Noh

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To celebrate recently published books about Chinese culture and the Chinese language, I wanted to share a list of all my favorite childrens picture books related to China. Please let me know if you have any favorite books that arent on this list! Id love to know those, too.

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Picture Books About China and the Chinese Language (Mandarin)

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Vibrant art pairs well with this delicious story that features the food of China. Shao Ming lives in China and her mom asks her to bring a wok to her uncle for tonights feast. On the way, Shao Ming visits the market, watches the impressive dragon parade, and . . . loses her moms special wok! Ut-oh. She tries to find it by visiting different places that sell food. Readers will discover the different foods and flavors of China  a spicy tofu meal, the tea ceremony, steamed crabs, dim sum, and more as Shao searches all day. Reading this will make you want to have your own Chinese cuisine sampling.

Lin has a pet dragon. They do everything together play ping-pong, teak stories, and play hide and seek. Then one day, Lins dragon disappears. She must find where he is! As you read, youll be impressed at how the author/illustrator incorporates the Chinese characters (Mandarin) into captivating illustrations. I LOVE everything about this book.

The Pet Dragon: A Story about Adventure, Friendship, and Chinese Charactersby Christoph Niemann

From hello to book to movie theater, learn basic Mandarin words in this brightly illustrated book. On the left side of the page, the word is written in English then in Mandarin characters with the phonetic script and pronunciation. For example, cat is, mo (mao). This book is quite visually appealing it would be fun to go through a word a day! Use the QR code on the back or visit theFirst Words websiteto hear the words pronounced by a native child.

This story captures a common story of feeling embarrassed about being different. When Vinsons grandpa from China visits, Vinson is embarrassed. However, Vinson learns grandpa is a martial-arts master and starts to see grandpa him as someone to be proud of. The elements of Chinese culture like tai chi and clothing make us all learn proud Vinson can be of his culture.

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With similarities to the French Beauty and the Beast story, this a unique Chinese fairy tale about a brave daughter who tries to save her father from a dragon who is really a prince.


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