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Progressive Mandarin Course

Have tried learning but found it too difficult and didnt make enough progress.

Demo of Level 3 (Lessons 121 to 130) Elementary 1FreeLevel 3 (Access to lessons 121 to 130)

Demo of Level 6 (Lessons 301 to 310) Intermediate 1FreeLevel 6 (Access to lessons 301 to 310)

Demo of Level 7 (Lessons 361 to 370) Intermediate 2FreeLevel 7 (Access to lessons 361 to 370)You have chosen:Level 4 Demo

Have learned Chinese before, but want to take my Chinese to the next level.

Demo of Level 2 (Lessons 61 to 70) BeginnerFreeLevel 2 (Access to lessons 61 to 70)

Demo of Level 5 (Lessons 241 to 250) Lower IntermediateFreeLevel 5 (Access to lessons 241 to 250)

Go from absolute beginner to intermediate fluency with our Unique Step-by-Step Online Course.

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Demo of Level 4 (Lessons 181 to 190) Elementary 2FreeLevel 4 (Access to lessons 181 to 190)

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to you at this addressGet access to the members area where you can download lessons, view transcripts and do exercises.*Choose a Passwordmust be 4 or more characters*Confirm Your PasswordSelect your demo level*Membership TypeDemo of Level 1 (Lessons 1 to 10) Absolute beginnerFreeLevel 1 (Access to lessons 1 to 10)


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