Romany English Words

drkkerbema- a prophecy

mumper, mumpli, hedgemumper, hedgecrawler- tramp; traveller without any Romany blood

mkadi, mkado, mggerdowie- ritually unclean; impure; dirty

hokamen, hckaben- lie, fraud, deceit

vardo, wardo- caravan, trolley, wagon, cart, covered vehicle

Geyro, Geyri- non-Gypsy man and woman

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wooshter- to throw- Y -yak, yeck- one

he Romany spoken by English Gypsies today is best described as an English dialect that contains a certain amount of Romany, slang and old cant…

juvel, juvli- women- K -kaba- kettle

luller- to arrest- M -mailo, moilo, myla- donkey

dukkering, drkkeribn- fortunetelling

snnasster- copper; bronze

kulochrilo- blackbird

htchimngri- frying pan

llodianchr- robin

paurdl, pardl- across

mlladipov- graveyard, cemetery

kushti- good, fine, nice, all right- L -lacho- good

rmanirtchka- mallard

hummel- hair- I -inneon- nine- J -jarriger- apron

btchado pardl- sent across, transported

rmanichrilo- water wagtail

pokersamngri- lawyer

busno- billigoat- C -chad- posterior

the bori lon pani- the great salt water, the ocean

pushka- gun (only used for a flintlock)

wesh, besh, bos- forest, woodland, copse

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chrilo, chriko- bird

nongo- naked- O -odjus- lovely, beautiful

mshgaying- to spy out the land

groingero, graingro- horse-dealer

mulo, muladi, moolo- ghost of Romany man or woman in possession of a corpse at certain hours of the day and night; the devil in possession of a corpse

dikkornngro, dikkoglmmer- mirror

pattrensis- herbs used in cures

lvinorknna- pub, ale-house, inn (also calledkitchima)

ptcherlngro- smith- R -rai, rye- gentleman

kvvisster- kettle iron

jal avree- go away- B -bak, bok- Luck

pttrimshi- legend, story, fairy-tale

ozi- heart- P -palsko- nephew

narked, narkri- dark, dank, bad, unpleasant

boshomngro- violinist, fiddler (balnokoshtis the violin bow)

jckal, jook, jog, dogue- dog

the kosht that pookers the drom, the pookering-kosh- signpost

jaul- to go (jelis used for to come)

shllivrdo- trolley, light cart

straben, straben- prison, gaol

shora, shura- head person, foreman, gaffer

– by Manfri Frederick Wood fromIn the Life of a Romany Gypsy

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mladi- haunted by a dead person

tttittti- baked potato

dnilos dikkamngro- a television set

lvinor, livna, lvena- beer

totting, tatting- rag and bone dealing

prey o poov- on the ground, in the field

drabsap- adder, viper (drbaneysapa)

monisha, monishi, mollisher- wife, girlfriend; used to mean woman

rrtigllichal- nightingale

dordi, dordi- the most common exclamation

didikai, didikoi- Gypsy outside the Romany tribes and of mixed blood

pover, poovngro- potato

mushgro, musker- policeman- N -nafli, nsfalo- ill

bstering mush- judge, magistrate

chitries- foliage, greens, herbs, vegetables

nappy- obstinate (used mainly to describe a horse)

rustler- flower- S -sliwsher- bridle

rkkersamngri- squirrel

kulodros- bilberries; black-currants

rashi- priest, parson, minister

ssterkbaksh- kettle-iron

stggerus, stggerus, stggus- gate

dinlo, dinilo, dinili- silly, stupid; an idiot, a fool

gurli- cherry- H -haref- ice

drbaneysapa- poisonous snakes

drabngro, drabmngro- doctor

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