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Learning Chinese becomes fun and easy when you learn with movie trailers, music videos, news and inspiring talks.

Cmon, Chinese humor! This music video is a great way to get acquainted with absurdist Mandarin-language comedy. There are Chinese and English subtitles available and the melody of the song is slow enough thatbeginnerscan keep up with it.

Are you in serious need of help to pass your HSK (Chinese proficiency) exam? Do you just need to know what to say in a particular situation, such as hailing a cab or seeing a doctor?

FluentU takes real-world videoslike music videos, movie trailers, news and inspiring talksand turns them into personalized language learning lessons. Annotated subtitles make learning easy: just hover over any word to see its definition.

Beginnersandintermediatelearners can also benefit from listening to her speaking speed in order to get an idea of how conversational Chinese is spoken.

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(h nn wi sh)  Hunan Television or Hunan TV is a satellite TV station thats also one of Chinas most-watched channels. Hunan TVs YouTube channel boasts video clips, breaking news and full episodes of various reality chat shows. It also occasionally has a few documentaries.

If youlikedthis post, something tells me that youllloveFluentU, the best way to learn Chinese with real-world videos.

Although there arent any subtitles for his podcast and interviews, his vlogs do have hanzi subtitles. Check this one out,upper beginnerandintermediatelearners!

FluentU brings Chinese to life with real-world videos.

Shen Lim may not have a million followers on YouTube, but he certainly deserves them. Lim is a Chinese native living abroad in Japan. His videos, which are mostly vlogs, follow him as he tries to navigate language in a different country.

Just about every video on this channel boasts English and Chinese subtitles simultaneously. This is definitely a YouTuber forall levels!

Experience Chinese immersion online!

Below, we discuss four main ways to find Chinese content on YouTube in order to improve your Mandarin fluency: You canwatch Chinese shows, jam toChinese music videos, follow famous Mandarin-speaking YouTubers or go the traditional route with free Mandarin lessons.

Her videos cover a variety of topics, including travel vlogs, product reviews (mostly makeup and skincare) and fashion tours. She has a very endearing personality and her videos are definitely entertaining.

You can literally find just about anything that tickles your fancy on this massive streaming site, all while supporting independent artists as well.

Listening to music and watching music videos is fun, no doubt about that. You can also benefit linguistically by listening to music. Plus, watching Chinese music videos can provide a little bit of insight into whats popular in China and what modern Chinese culture is like.

Krysti Naaa is a fairly popular Mandarin-speaking YouTuber. She lives primarily in Boston but also has travel vlogs of her home in Xi-An, China and around the United States.

Sometimes he speaks English, but a majority of his videos are in Mandarin. If youre interested to see what its like being a foreigner in China, hes definitely worth watching.

You can also use YouTube for someentertaining language learning.

Learn Chinese with News: 9 Mandarin Channels to Bookmark

Are you anadvancedlearner who loves a challenge? This track from Taiwanese artist Bii is a mix of English, Chinese and Korean. Can you pick apart the Mandarin parts?

Learn Chinese through TV: 10 Great Shows To Get Started

Be sure to search in hanzi rather than pinyin or English to get the best results.

Quick Guide to Learning Chinese Through Movies

Free entertainment doesnt get much better than YouTube.

24 Chinese Slang Phrases You Should Know

This channel is a great channel forany levelof learner!

Lost in Translation (also known as LIT) is a fun entertainment channel that focuses on content for Chinese-American people and students studying in China. Their videos are quite diverse and include everything from mini-game shows and reaction videos to interviews.

There are definitely many more Chinese YouTubers out there than those we mention below. Search for (sh pn b k)  vlog to find more.

If you like learning with videos, youll loveFluentU!

The Yoyo Chinese YouTube channel is hosted by Yangyang, a native Chinese speaker and teacher.

Chinese Listening Practice: Why and How to Get Started

And if the particular channels we chose arent your favorite, well help you figure outhow to search for similar contentthat may be more up your alley.

CCTV is another broadcast station thats popular among Mandarin-speaking natives. In fact, its the number one station in mainland China.

We took the guesswork out of findingChinese-learning content on YouTube. So sit back, relax andbinge-watch some entirely free learning videos.

This channel is very similar to Hunan TV in that it features full-length content and livestreams. However, this channel is more on the news and politics side of content.

Think of your favorite popular English-speaking YouTuber: Shen Lim has quite similar content.

Finding Chinese language channels is super easy. Simply search for Chinese language lessons or Chinese help in English to find more than what weve listed below.

Are these channels not hitting the spot? Want more options? Try searching YouTube for (gung b)  broadcast or (din sh pn do)  TV channel to find similar broadcast channels.

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Chinese Idioms Like a Boss: 15 Common and Useful Chinese Idioms

The dialogue on this channel is a mix of English and Chinese, along with simultaneous English and Chinese subtitles.Beginners, check this one out!

Take it a step further than YouTube with FluentUs video flashcards, personalized quizzes, customizable vocabulary lists and other helpful learning features.Immerse yourself in Mandarin Chinese with FluentU!

Who doesnt love a good music video? To find more videos like these, try searching for (yn yu sh pn)  music video.

Emily Casalenais a published author, freelance writer and music columnist. She writes about a lot of stuff, from music to films to language.

There are no subtitles for these videos and much of the Mandarin spoken is fast-paced conversational Chinese, soadvancedandintermediatelearners could use this content to improve speaking and listening speed.

Now that youre stocked up on a ton of content, are you ready to start using YouTubes free tools to learn Mandarin?

While using videos exclusively may not be the best way to learn a language, these various channels and videos will definitely help you get ahead when it comes to learning Mandarin. Good luck!

6 Awesome Chinese Podcasts Youve Never Heard Of

While Japanese is obviously featured in his videos, most of the dialogue is between him and other Mandarin-speaking people.

YouTube has a ton of content that can help youlearn Mandarin Chinese. There are several ways you canuse YouTube to learn Chineseand improve your fluency,all while enjoying yourself.

If youre not an advanced learner, this music video is handy because it featureshn z, pn yn, English and 표준어 (pyojun-eo) Korean where applicable.

Fulinfang isnt a native Mandarin speaker (it appears hes from the United Kingdom) but his podcasts are quite entertaining and his Chinese skills are admirable.

The FluentU YouTube channel is an awesome place to start. The videos on this channel focus primarily on listening skills, but they provide a great way to warm up before trying out the videos on theFluentU website!

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I know what youre thinking. Learning? Entertaining? When is itever?

Watching YouTube vloggers and staying up-to-date on Chinese news is fun and all, but we could all benefit from a video lesson here and there to keep our Mandarin sharp.

Many of the videos on her channel feature a mix of ads for the actual Yoyo Chinese website, full free courses, tips, tricks and livestreams. Use this channel to review your knowledge of the language or learn a new skill.

Krysti Naaas videos will benefitadvancedlearners the best, as she speaks in Mandarin very quickly and she doesnt offer any sort of subtitles on her videos.

Chinese for Us is a super-handy channel and the free video lessons are actually pretty in-depth. Theres a ton of content on this channel that can benefit thebeginner,intermediateandadvancedlearner.

This mesmerizing track from NGIRLS is a great example. The Chinese subtitles make it great content forintermediatelearners orbeginnerswho want to practice their listening skills in Mandarin.

Learn Chinese Through Music: Top 10 Modern Karaoke Classics

A majority of the content on this channel doesnt have  (hn z)  Chinese characters,  (pn yn)  Chinese romanization or English subtitles. If youre anadvancedlearner looking to up your listening game, this is the channel for you.


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