Sample oral test questions

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It  is important to practice your listening skills because the evaluator will read you the question and you will not see it.

Check out myrecommended linksfor places where you can practice your listening skills now.

Describe how you resolved  a problem at work.

Describe a unique person with whom you have worked.

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Compare flex hours to compressed hours?

Because these questions are all related to the audio you will hear, is important that you practice your listening skills. If you want to practice your listening skills, try listening to the news. Some places that you can listen to use are places like CBC, BBC and CNN.

You get three options and you choose one of the options. Then you have 90 seconds to prepare an answer to  the question you chose

Describe an occasion when you met the deadline because you had a great team and a great boss.

Students often ask me about oral test questions, so I  will take this opportunity to give you a few sample questions that you might see on an  oral exam.

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Describe a leadership role which you have held.

Typically, the types of questions you will see are about work. One quick tip that you might want to know is to  remember your job vocabulary. The questions are about your job, and not knowing your job vocabulary is very dangerous when it comes to doing a test.

At what point in the year are you the busiest?

The questions  asked in part four are typically questions about opinion. They opinion will usually be about the audio file that you have heard on the computer.

What are three characteristics of a great manager?

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How does your job affect Canadians?

consists of simple questions about your job.

not everybody gets to part four. Part four consists of long audio conversations. Again, it is important to know reported speech.

Describe the project in which you put a great deal of effort forth.

Describe how you obtained your current position.

Describe a good leader with whom you have worked.

What is the role of your organization?

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Describe a situation when you have helped someone at work.

consists of audio conversations and audio voice mail messages. You have to listen to these messages and report what they said. Therefore, knowingreported speechis very important.

As a quick reminder there are four parts to the PSC oral exam

Describe a situation in which you received feedback from someone.

The following oral test questions are what you would see for the PSC oral test. However, you can see these types of questions for any oral exam for English as a second language learners.

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