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Complete the lyrics by typing the missing words or selecting the right option.

The difficulty level of the lyrics is not suitable

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If the video stops your life will go down, when your life runs out the game ends.

The video will stop till all the gaps in the line are filled in.

If you make mistakes, you will lose points, live and bonus.

New and fun exercises and additional content: quizzes, flashcards, translation, vocabulary, pronunciation, etc.

To listen to a line again, press the button or the backspace key. You can also drag to the left over the lyrics.

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The video has poor quality or is not official

Create your own custom exercises by selecting the blanks to fill and share them with your students.

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Be aware: both things are penalized with some life.

When you fill in the gaps you get points.

To see the top scores, please select your country in theaccount settings.

Add the lyrics you like the most to your favorites list.

To skip a word, press the button or the tab key. You can also drag to the right over the lyrics.

The number of gaps depends of the selected game mode or exercise.

Overcome yourself and compete with users from all over the world, from your country or just with friends to get the best score.

Join our growing community and upload the lyrics you can not find.

The timing of the lyrics is not right

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