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Of fame and shame, of Beyonce and Ted Nugent

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You know who Taylor Swift is, of course, but how about Joni Mitchell?  Drawing a blank?  Hint: Ask your parents.  Joni Mitchell was a singer-songwriter-guitarist who descended from and was influenced by that great Hippy Movement.  Now, nice and wholesome Taylor Swift wants to play Mitchell in a movie called Girls Like Us.  I wonder if strong-minded Joni will nix this casting…Keep reading…

You know its a slow news day in the music world when People Magazines choice of Most Beautiful Woman gets all the coverage.  But wait Beyonce is a music-biz person!  So Music-Lovers Congratulations and Thank Yous are very much in order to Beyonce for winning an open award for the Music Biz, no?  That said, these days we have a bevy of lovely…Keep reading…

Fetching your information fromFacebook

After the early demises of one-week wonders The Hunger Games OST, Mad-onnas MDNA, and Nicki Minajs Reloaded, Lionel Richies Tuskegee has surprised even me who expected it to reach the apex by clinging on to the top.  Part of the reason is a lack of competition but the other part is that this is a good album thats at the top on merit. …Keep reading…

Lady Gagas prurience and her preoccupation with same-gender sexuality has caused an upwelling of protest in, no, not Saudi Arabia or Iran, but, South Korea, of all places.  The protestors term for the prurience and preoccupation: pornography and homosexuality.  These protestors belong to several Christian groups in…Keep reading…

Crazy-Sex Friday! (Thats what Fridays are for)

Starring Taylor Swift, Miss America, and The Beach Boys

*  Too many female artistes are scripted in their statements and actions, either by themselves (think Mad-onna), or by handlers who want to maximize the gain from their cash cow (think Britney).  Or, they say and…Keep reading…

LogicFeaturing Alessia Cara & Khalid

J Balvin & Willy WilliamFeaturing Beyonce

We had an upsurge of news late last week and there was the usual Billboard review, which has meant a news pile-up.  To catch up letss dive right in!

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