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Supiki English Conversation Speaking Practice for i


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Compatible with iPod Touch (3rd generation or later, iPhone 3Gs, iPhone 4, iPad. iTunes account required.

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Supiki English Conversation is a smartly-designed and expertly-crafted app that combines game-like elements with the conversational tools of the iPhone to teach English. The app works very well in many situations, but is often limited by the steep price of upgrades and the lack of control over which lessons you can use. For those that fully invest in Supiki, it offers many fun surprises that dabblers may not have the chance to experience.

!!!!! The Worlds Top-Rated & Award Winning English Conversation App!!!!! ALL 50 UNITS INCLUDED UNLOCKED. No need to pay to unlock content. No ads. Just hours of fun content and unscripted conversation practice. Its the best and only app that really works. I love it. Ive tried them all and none meet the need Thanks Supiki, youre the best! – Rosy00012 (real Supiki user, Colombia) SUPIKI IS FOR PEOPLE WHO KNOW BASIC ENGLISH AND NEED CONVERSATION PRACTICE. Unlimited realistic English conversation practice improves your spoken English. Talk to Supiki and Supiki talks back. I like it!!! I improved my communication skills! I wanted to continue to the end for the first time in an English app 🙂 – jtmAM-7146-4502 (real Supiki user, Japan)Supiki facts:- 800,000+ downloads – Average rating 4.5+ in 45 countries- Winner of W3 awards in the Education and Innovative/Experimental categories from the International Academy of Visual Arts in New York-100% authentic English the way its really spoken. Supiki is different. Supiki is the smart app that actually talks with you. Supiki provides the topic and starts the conversation. Based on what you say, Supiki will respond differently. Your spoken English will improve because you are practicing real conversations. Authentic English. Supiki was created in Vancouver, Canada – world recognized for standard North American English. Supiki is based on years of research and development by our team of ESL, creative and technical experts. Have fun. Your journey to improve English is bursting with incredible content like an entertaining animated series, exciting achievements you can earn, sharing conversations with friends and teachers and so much more. Improve your English conversation. Frequent practice is the only proven way to increase English fluency. Supiki wants to give you the best chance at success. We provide a simple practice plan scheduler, conversation tips and a map so you can track your progress and conversations. This app is incredible. I have used it and it has improved my fluency, expanded my vocabulary, and I have more confidence speaking in English without worrying about saying the wrong thing. – Blanquetita (real Supiki user, Mexico)If youve studied English and need practice having conversations, Supiki is for you. Supiki lets you: * have unscripted conversations related to real world situations * get visual feedback and earn points based on how good your conversation was * record, review and share your conversations with friends, family and instructors * get ideas to use in your conversations. Listen to Supiki Top Picks: 5-star conversations shared by other Supiki users * share your success and help others. Submit your 5-star conversations for inclusion in Supiki Top Picks. * earn and share achievement badges view points and badges in your trophy case * watch videos from The Newcomers animated series and experience North American English and culture * check your understanding by reading The Newcomers video scripts* manage your practice plan with reminders and tips * learn English idioms and expressions, test your comprehension and practice using them out loud * Get on-screen instructions in Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Korean, Spanish and English * Practice with 50 unique conversation units See how Supiki works: We welcome your feedback. Please send comments to Supiki is a registered trademark of Linguacomm Enterprises Inc., Vancouver, Canada. Copyright (c) 2010-14. All rights reserved. Supiki units 1 to 50 created with the support of the Canada Media Fund.



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When you start using Supiki, you can access a handful of lessons for free. Other lessons will unlock as you complete the initial ones, but because of the point-system used to determine when new lessons unlock, it will take some time before you can access higher-level content. The learning system, however, is very well designed, with high production values and a smooth interface. Most of the lessons involve speaking to the app directly, and while the feedback from the app on quality of speech is limited, the interaction is a great touch.

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Practice speaking, reading, listening and writing.

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Supiki is a well-designed app that, while it wont teach English directly because of its vague lesson format, is a great way to practice conversing in English while alone. The cost of the additional lessons is high, but for those that complete the early content and feel compelled to go further, the app offers a range of different options and features to enhance your learning experience.

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Its time to play smarter and feel sharper with Peak, the app that was chosen as Best App 2014 in over 24 countries around the world.

CRITICAL UPDATE – now iOS 8 compatible Fixes issue where unit graphics did not appear in navigation in iOS 8 All 50 units included with purchase of Supiki App now loads much faster Updates and improvements to speech recognition

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Elevate was selected by Apple as App of the Year.


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