What are the most widely spoken languages in the world? What language has the most native speakers? Our infographic below gives you the 9 most commonly spoken languages. You might think that English words from other languages prove one thing: our language is more of a mutt than a purebred. It may seem hard to believe, but most of the words … Read more

What language is primarily spoken in Shanghai Mandarin or Shanghainese? – Quora

How do teenagers in Shanghai regard the Shanghainese language? People who immigrate to Shanghai (sometimes referred to new Shanghainese) usually dont speak Shanghainese even if they have lived in Shanghai for decades. There are several reasons. 1. Shanghainese is relatively hard to learn (compared to other dialect). 2. speaking Mandarin is usually good enough to … Read more

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Doesnt conflict with any anti-virus Request decryptionPaid service for customers using other vendors anti-virus products By continuing to use this website, you are consenting to Doctor Webs use of cookies and other technologies related to the collection of visitor statistics.Learn more Free use of Dr.Web CureIt! for purposes other than curing your own home PC … Read more