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English is the most widely spoken language in the history of our planet, used in some way by at least one out of every seven human beings around the globe. Half of the worlds books are written in English, and the majority of international telephone calls are made in English. Sixty percent of the worlds … Read more

The Jewish

In yesterdays message, we distinguished between a healthy and a pathological drive for approval, in that the latter is when one is totally dependent on constant affirmation of others in order to have a sense of self-esteem. The essential difference as described there may be misunderstood to be quantitative rather than qualitative; i.e. that the … Read more

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The second forum for the usage of the English language. This group has 5 forums and 265136 posts. We can help you with legal grammar and vocabulary, but WE DO NOT OFFER OPINIONS ON MATTERS OF LAW. Add links and contact details to your profile only. Dedicated to re-education and a broader understanding of othersTopic … Read more