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The peculiarity of English spoken language and Chinese spoken language

At this time, the family did everything possible to obtain a favorable report from the Kitchen God. On the evening of the 23rd, the family would give the Kitchen God a ritualistic farewell dinner with sweet foods and honey.

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The peculiarity of English spoken language and Chinese spoken language

Linguistics, Classics and related subjects

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But there was no element follows it. The singular verb of (play) in written corpus occurred in several positions such as; 1- Play us to decide the best team in the world. the position of (play) in this example is initial, which indicates imperative sentence.

She nodded, and turned to attend another student. Sirius finally stopped convulsing, his body settling down. He had fallen asleep; which was no doubt. Remus bent over Lily and used his sleeve to whipe the sweat from her face. It all ends today, Lily. he whispered. He turned to Siriuss bed and gazed down at the sweaty first year.

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in my work, as I feel the sincerity of the piece comes through without this. There are bound to be inaccuracies as memory cannot always recall the exact, and often the further back in time an event occurred, the more likely the recollection is to be hazy.

The peculiarity of English spoken language and Chinese spoken language Chinese and English are two different languages used by different people and countries respectfully. Either Chinese or English has a long history. Admittedly, there are some similarities between the tow. However, huge differences make the two very much unlike each other. To begin with, I would like to take spoken language as an example. The pronunciations of Chinese and English are quite dissimilar. Chinese spoken language usually has four tones, making a syllable sound various. On the contrast, there are usually not such tones changing in English pronunciation, but only stresses….read more.

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Must of the Chinese are some sort of conservative, while Westerners more open. These two unique characteristics cause these two kinds of people behave in their peculiar ways when they are talking. People realise that most of the time Chinese people express their feelings in implicit ways, trying not to betray what they really believe or think until the very last minute. Most of the English speaking people, however, do not act like Chinese. They are more explicit and willing to communicate directly. Active as they are, English speaking people love talking with the aid of body languages and facial expressions. Therefore, we often find out that English speaking people are more energetic and aggressive….read more.

Zimmerman and West (1975) concluded that it was not considered rude even though men interrupt in conversation. Therefore men have a right to control conversations. This might cause some issues around gender discrimination. Even in society, gender is superior to social classes when it comes to the language they use.

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:Linguistics, Classics and related subjects

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His love is provided by helping solve problems in my daily life by providing advice as a solution. Explained by Tannan, a man?s communication goal is about task solving done, whereas women?s tend to be about making connections to other people (62).

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Every literary character as well as ordinary man has his or her personal-social behaviour, and individual speech peculiarities of this character are connected with his or her social status, gender, age, physical state, temper, intellect, level of education, occupation, sphere of interests, etc.

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Moreover, the habit in speaking between the two languages is also distinctive. Chinese people, for example, mostly would like to focus on the meaning or content when they are speaking their mother tongue. Unlike Chinese, the English speaking people organise their sentences in a more grammatical way, which bases on the general rules of the grammar structures. The gap in between is obvious, resulting in the two speaking styles. Compared with English speakers, Chinese speakers talking more casually, the misunderstandings happen much more often between the Chinese than between the English….read more.

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And finally, thought modifies each individuals interpretation of symbols. Thought is a mental conversation or dialogue that requires role taking, or imagining different points of view (ibid). A major advantage of human language being a learned symbolic communication system is that it is infinitely flexible.

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