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Top French Songs 2016

Sidoine On Ne Vit QuUne Fois

Gnration Goldman Je te donne (Leslie & Ivyrise) CLIP OFFICIEL

Some french songs, i dont know what kind of music you like then i took many style of music.

Youssoupha Ft. Madame Monsieur Smile

You wont hear this French song in a club, but its played on the radio somewhat often.

This song has more of a chill vibe. The sort of stuff youll listen to while rolling around the Priph at one in the morning.

A popular American song can rack up BILLIONS of views on YouTube while popular French songs barely break 100 million views.

Hey!!! Im french! I really love your job, I think french music is cool too and moreover its a beautiful language If you wanna learn french you can also listen to musicals (I really love them) as Le roi soleil or 1789 les amants de la Bastille

Kery James Contre Nous feat. Youssoupha & Mdine La Ligue

Ben LOncle Soul Soulman

Vanessa Paradis Divine Idylle

Im not sure if someone replied by now but it was Bruxelles by Boulevard des airs. Hope you enjoyed your honeymoon ­čśë

Nekfeu La ballade du fremont ft.Doums

Mac Tyer, Maître Gims Laisse moi te dire

French Cancan (Monsieur Sainte Nitouche)

Leïla Lanova Feat. Charlie Brown Presque arrivs

So heres a list of the top most recent French songs from 2015 and 2016. If you like French music then you can alsocheck our list of top 100 French songs you need to hear at least once.

Another hit by Kendji, reaching 3 in France.

While the classics are great, I want to listen to more modern stuff.

Canardo ┬ź Men Aller ┬╗ feat. Tal

Youssoupha feat Indila & Skalpovich Dreamin Clip

My faves are Kenji Girac, Soprano, Indila, and Black M

COEUR DE PIRATE Comme des enfants

Another mega hit by Soprano The intro of this song alone made French night clubs go wild. Youd sometimes here this song two or three times during a night

Lilian Renaud Pour Ne Plus Avoir Peur

Christine and the Queens Paradis Perdus

Well, nice list John ! However most of these tracks are aimed at teenagers and the lyrics are sometimes. well, you know. Anyway, heres an artist who is not mainstream at all and whose lyrics are quite funny :

The dashing Kendji Girac won a competition known asthe Voice. He later released this hit which was heard across French night clubs throughout the summer. The song reached number 7 in France.

And now for some good french hip hop:

Corneille Le jour aprs la fin du Monde

The reason you wont find them here is because both Mae and Zaz have not produced popular music during 2015 and 2016. The last Christophe Mae song I enjoy listening to came out back in 2010!!

Coeur de Pirate Place de a rpublique

Tt A la faveur de lAutomne


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Im not a huge fan of this one, but I love his other songJe me Tire.

What do you get when you add Booba, auto-tune, and an exotic sports car? This song.

Louis Delort & The Sheperds Outre-Manche

H Magnum Ft. Maitre Gims Pourquoi tu men veux clip officiel

Everything by Patrick Fiori. The most beautiful voice of all! And he can sing everything from opera to rock.

The Shin Sekaï Je reviendrai

One funny paradox Ive found with French people is that many of them do not like modern French music. While French music is common in France, many French people wind up listening to American music Youll hear tons of Top 40 hits from the USA.

Christine and the Queens Here feat. Booba

Its a french pop song I heard when I was on my honeymoon in Paris. I cant remember the name of it but it had a clapping during the chorus and was set in a care home and they all ended up dancing.

I like Nessa je suis la. Heard it whilst I was learning French. Is she from France?

NINO ICE En Passant Par Les Autres

Guy2Bezbar x Omzo JNR Ft. Niska, Madrane & trafiquinte Ah non Cest terrible

Christophe Ma Tomb Sous Le Charme

Dont fret though! Youll find Christophe Mae and Zaz both in myTop 100 French songsplaylist.

No doubt about it. I dont like rap, it doesnt speak to the modern age with any real depth of meaning but Grand Corps Malade reaches out to all age groups and everyone can empathise with his words. Good appropriate rhythm for all his songs example

Coeur de pirate Mistral Gagnant

Corson Raise Me Up (Je Respire Encore)

Probably one of the most relaxing French songs still played on the radio.

Kristina Maria & Corneille Co-Pilot

Brigitte A bouche que veux-tu

Brigitte A bouche que veux-tu

Louis Delort & The Sheperds Je Suis L

Coeur de Pirate & Julien Dor Pour un infidle

The beat drops at 20 seconds with the second verse and the rap by Nekfeu making it awesome.

This song reached 14 in France and the album,feu, reached number 3.

Please can someone help me find a song?

Diams Enfants Du Dsert

Try Lara Fabian? Shes amazing

David Carreira Rien Envier (Clip officiel)

La Confrrie Foreign PANAMABENDE

The Shin Sekaï Je reviendrai

Likewise, if you have any suggestions then let me know in the comment section below.


The song is an interesting mix of French with a tiny bit of Spanish.

Cœur De Pirate Crier tout bas

Here are some french trap and rap. :

Cats on Trees, Calogero Jimmy

David Carreira Rien Envier

Margaux Avril Lair de rien

M. Pokora Voir la nuit semballer

Youssoupha Ft. Madame Monsieur Smile

Maître Gims Je te pardonne ft. Sia

If you enjoyed this song then youll like his other song,Ma Dope.

Corneille Des Pres, des Hommes et des Frres

Black M Je ne dirai rien ft. The Shin Sekaï, Doomams

Orelsan suicide social english subtitles

OrelSan Ils Sont Cools feat. Gringe

Charlotte Cardin Les chardes

Niska Charlie Delta Charlie (Freestyle)

Yoann Freget Sauras tu maimer

Nolwenn Leroy Sixime continent (Some of her songs are not in french but in breton ( celtic ))

Yes I checked from your list :keen V rien qune fois & cosmos my french students like these 2 songs and repeatedly I play clasfor school students in india one has to take care that each scene is proper & not explicit not any form physical touch..

NJ Feat Monsieur NOV Elle ne voit que moi

Maître Gims Est-ce que tu maimes ?

Garou, Charlotte Cardin Du Vent, Des Mots

Something called Buenos Aires or something like that. Two male singers with mustaches I believe.

La Fouine Ma meilleure ft. Zaho

Youssoupha ft Ayna On se connaît

Emmanuel Moire Je Fais De Toi Mon Essentiel

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Casseurs Flowters 06h16 Des histoires raconter

Vianney Veronica (Skydancers remix)

A popular club song which makes reference to the TV show the Fresh Prince of Bellaire by Will Smith. The chorus mentions Carlton as well as Jeffery the butler common phrases that French teens would sing to the top of their lungs.

Joyce Jonathan, Vianney Les filles daujourdhui

Whenever you look up French music, youll always find people mention the oldies. In fact, I find that French-language teachers rarely share cool songs that students want to hear! Its a shame because listening to music everyday is agreat way to improve your French.

Im taking french 1 right now, we had a project on french songs. This helped very much!! Ty!!

S.Pri Noir Ft. May Hi La Nuit Clip Officiel

Thats all for our 2016 list. Well keep this list of top songs updated, but for the time being you can check out our French Music section of FrenchCrazy if you want more music.

Julien Dor Paris-Seychelles

Joyce Jonathan Je ne sais pas

So with your help, we can make French music more popular. Feel free to share this list and add some French music to your day!

MZ Lune De FieL ( FumerTiserBaiser ) Feat Marlo

Who was that girl that sung now this not French spelling but say it how it spelled and thats how you say it ready shatair lair koo please help me who is she

Josef Salvat Open Season (Une Autre Saison)

Sidoine On Ne Vit QuUne Fois

Gradur LHOMMEAUBOB ft. Migos

Calogero Jai le droit aussi

Peter Peter Une version amliore de la tristesse

NOTE:this list of top French songs will continually be updated throughout 2016 as new music comes out in France. So check back occasionally to see whats new.

Niska Feat. Xvbarbar & La B Carjack Chiraq

Pomme Je temmnerais bien

Ben LOncle Soul Elle Me Dit

Another popular French song by Black M. youll hear this on the radio a lot.

Axel Tony Avec Toi ft. Tunisiano

In this goofy video we see Keenv act as a matchmaker to help a guy get the girl he likes. The first time I heard this song, I didnt care for it. But it grew on me after a couple listens.

Christine and the Queens Jonathan

Nekfeu Ma dope ft. SPri Noir

Emmanuel Moire Toujours Debout

M.Pokora Voir la nuit semballer

Olivier Dion Je taime cest tout Les 3

Gradur LHOMMEAUBOB ft. Migos

Julien Dor Chou Wasabi ft. Micky Green

An anthem for the youth, Nekfeus iconic single is filmed in Paris. My favorite part is at 50 seconds.

Frro Delavega Le coeur lphant

Ah bon ? Ill have to give it a listen !!

Frro Delavega Le Chant Des Sirnes

Wrong MAE just releazed a new brand album ­čÖé

Lilian Renaud Pour Ne Plus Avoir Peur

Kevin Bazinet Jusquo tu maimes.

Casseurs Flowters 06h16 Des histoires raconter

Ben LOncle Soul Petite Soeur

Claudio Capo Un homme debout

Could you tell, which of the songs from your list came out approx.end of2015-mid2016?


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