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Wala Aala Baloa(Not Even On His Mind)

Another issue is that sometimes different titles are used to refer to the same song. For example, people looking for the song Al Bab al-Aali will find it on this list as Al Baki Alay – both of these phrases appear in the chorus, but some people find one more recognizable than the other. In another example, some people refer to Amr Diabs first hit as Habibi Ya Nour el Ain while others refer to it simply as Nour el Ain.

This song became a top hit in Lebanon in 1999.

Ya Tayyeb el Galb(The Good-Hearted One)

Waili Min Zoulmake Liyya(Alas of Your Oppression)

Habibi, Hayaati(My Darling, My Life)

Inte Habib AYouni(You Are the Lover of My Eyes)

Lissa Fakir(Do You Still Remember?)

Lamma B-Shoufak Qalbi Byouqaa(When I See You, My Heart Falls Down)

Ana Min Doonak Ana(I Am Without You, I Am)

Abu Ouyoun Garea(The One With the Brave Eyes)

Some recordings of this song are shown with a song title of Cou Cou.

Lamma Bada Yata Thana(When She Begins to Sway)

Kol Elli Lammouni(All Who Blamed Me)

Often listed as the song title Me Alli We Oltelu.

Ya Awazel Falfilu(O Those of You Who Would Separate Us, Fume)

This song is a zeffa, which is a song used for a wedding procession.

Meen Habibi Ana?(Who Is Your Sweetheart?)

This is an entirely different song from the one titled Samahtak by Asala Nasri.

This song reached the top of the Arabic song charts for several weeks starting in June, 2003.

Wehyat Eneyya(By the Life of My Eyes)

Sayyidi Elra-Ees(My Master, Mr. President)

This is an entirely different song from the one titled Amarain by Amr Diab. This one is a wedding song.

If a song is not found through looking for a certain title, it may turn up through a search for an alternate spelling or wording.

Hizzy Ya Nawaem(Shake It, Little Delicate One)

Ahmed Ya Habibi(Ahmed, My Loved One)

Me Alli We Oltelu(He Did Not Tell Me & I Did Not Tell Him)

This song is widely acclaimed as the anthem of Egypts January 2011 Revolution.

PHOTO CREDIT: Above photo by John Rickman Photography, San Jose, California.

Etmakhtari Ya Helwa Ya Zena(Walk With a Swinging Gait, O Beautiful, O Pretty One)

Abaad wa Ansak(Go Far Away and I Will Forget You)

Sometimes referred to by the song title Ya Awazel Falfilu

Many people think the title of this song is Leila Leila because of its chorus. From the Khaleegy (Persian Gulf) region.

Gana el Hawa(Love Has Come Our Way)

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Haad Yensa Alboo(Could Someone Forget His Own Heart?)

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Ma Bi3od Balaki(I Can Not Sit Without You)

Parisien du Nord(Parisian of the North)

Talab Eiydi Min Ahli(We Became Engaged!)

Koulli Sana Wi-Inta Tayyeb Ya Habibi(Happy Birthday, O My Darling)

Bint el Sultan(Daughter of the Sultan)

Huwwa Sahih el-Hawa Ghallab(Is It True That Love Is Irresistible?)

Ammouna fi al-Said(Ammouna from the Said)

Sanateen Wana Hayyil(For Two Years)

Ma Gayartish Abadan(I Never Changed)

Sana Helwa Ya Gameel(Happy Birthday)

Batwannes Beek(Youre Always With Me)

This Lebanese song was popular in the late 1950s.

Ana Lamma Ib-Hibbak(When I Love You)

Ghanili Shwaya, Shwaya(Sing to Me Softly, Softly)

Yama el Amar al Bab(Oh Mother, the Moon Is At My Door)

Billadhi Askara(The Intoxicating Beloved)

Nour el Ain(Darling, Youre the Glow in My Eyes)

This is not the song that was used for Naima Akefs dance scene in the movie

. Its a different song from a different scene of that movie.

Ahl El Maghna(The Family of Singers)

Bahebak wa Baghar(I Love You and Get Jealous)

Ala Babi Waef Amarain(Two Moons are Standing At My Door)

Harramt Ahebbak(Ive Given Up on Loving You)

Tfarrak al-Halawa(Watch the Beauty)

Ya Mayla al Ghousoune(You Who Are Leaning on the Tree Branches)

Ya Ameer El-Mohibbean(O, Lovers Prince)

Ala Hasb Wedad Albi(It All Depends on My Heart)

La Itkarraib Haddi(Do Not Get Close to Me!)

Habitak Bel Saif(I Loved You In Summer)

Talaa Min Beit Abouha(From Her Fathers House)

Translation covers both the French part and the Arabic part.

The Arabic language has its own alphabet. There is not a standardized way to spell Arabic words in the Roman alphabet used by English and other European languages, and vowels are particularly likely to vary. It may be necessary to try a couple of different spellings when looking for a song on this list. For example, the song title Inta Omri is often spelled Enta Omri. A Nadda is often spelled as Al Nedda and Sobry Alil may be spelled as Sabri Aleel.

Ana 3indi Ahwai Morra(I Have Sour Arabian Coffee)

Appears on some album covers as A Nedda. Some U.S. folk dance clubs call this debke song Ya Abboud. This page contains two translations by two different people.

Sabri Aleel(I Have Run Out of Patience)

This song topped the charts in the Middle East for several weeks in the summer of 1999.

Ya Bajat al-Rouh(You, The Pleasure of the Soul)

Aziz Osman, Fatme Serhan, & many others

Nahna Wil Amar Jiraan(We and the Moon Are Neighbors)

Al Bab al-Aali (Al Baki Alay)(Enter the High Gate)

Was Arabic Song of the Year in 1996

Nibtidi Mneen al-Hikaya?(Where Do We Begin Our Story?)

This song is sure to appeal to people who love horses!

Ana Hina Ya Ibn-il-Halal(Im Here O Legal Son)

Nassini el-Dunia(Let Me Forget the World)

This is an entirely different song from the one titled Samahtak by Pascale Machaalani.

This is an entirely different song from the one titled Amarain by Hassan el-Asmar.

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Eina Ellayali(Where Did the Good Nights Go?)

Baladi song composed in the 1940s by Aziz Osman.

Nawi TaAteb(You Are Determined to Blame!)

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Initially Abdel Muhsen Mhanna, later Walid Toufic

Shoo Sarlake(What Has Happened to You?)

Sometimes the title for this song is shown as Nari, Narain. The music video won the Egyptian Oscar for Best Video in 2002.

Yalil Yalil – La Fin Des Haricots(Oh Night Oh Night)

Translation covers both the French part and the Arabic part.

Shoo Imkhabbair Ahlak Aanni(What Are You Telling Your Family About Me?)

This page contains two translations by two different people.

This song made the top of the charts in Lebanon in 1998.

Ana fi Inta Zarak(Im Waiting for You)

This song became a hot hit in the Middle East and Europe in early 1998.

Laou Ma Dakhalt ib-Rassi(If You Had Not Entered My Head)

Sahertou Minhou el-Layali(Stay Up Late Nights)

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Salametha Umm Hassan(Get Well, Mother of Hassan)

Am Fettesha El Gharous(Im Searching For A Bride)

Popular in the Khaleegy (Persian Gulf) region.

Includes photos of Hafez and a brief video clip of him singing this song.

Digi Digi Ya Rababa(Play, Play, Oh Rababa)

Min Aboukra LAshiye(From Morning Til Night)

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