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What sets us apart from other translation companies is our expertise. We not only do the translation of documents, but also proofread the translated version before it is finally delivered to the client. This ensures a final document that is clean, error-free, and flawless not only in its content but also in its execution.

As Transfree translation company, we offer you document translation services in various subjects. We have on board academics and experts in wide-ranging subjects, be it astronomy, economics, history, natural sciences, sociology, physics, law, engineering, or medicine, to name a few. The expertise of our translators and proof-readers in their respective subjects will ensure that your document, whatever be the subject, will be of a uniformly superior quality and free of errors.

Our range of language translation and proofreading services include all the below:

Portuguese to English Voice Translator

Spanish to English Voice Translator

English to Chinese Voice Translator

This webpage offers a unique service: aonline for text to voice translation. This tool of audio translator allows you to translate and speak instantly. Suppose you would like towith sound (audio); then just choose target language as French and click Vocalise button. Similarly forwith sound, you should choose Spanish as target language and rest is same. This voice translator is absolutely free to be used without signing up and is very similar to Google translate audio service. What is more with this voice translator is that you can alsoformat unlike the service of Google translate audio. Many languages from all over the world can be translated through our voice translator online with satisfying results. Just like Google voice translator, it is much faster than text-based language translation services. Instead of spending time typing out the text for translation, here it is done through text to voice feature. All you need to do is to type the text and then the tool works to translate and speak it immediately. Thissupports so many languages and it has no any character limits like others. In case you need some clarifications about our voice translator online, you are welcome to send us your feedback.

Russian to English Voice Translator

Transfree is a known name in the field of free translation and professional translation services. Over the years, it has carved a niche for itself and gained a reputation for competency.

Another matter of concern for clients is the timeline for such tasks. We can assure you of a quick turnaround of your translation and proofreading projects with no compromise whatsoever on quality. We know the importance of timely delivery and meet our deadlines as decided mutually. This does not impact the accuracy of the task on hand, though. The work delivered would have been efficiently done with no oversights or slipups.

English to Turkish Voice Translator

English to Italian Voice Translator

English to Portuguese Voice Translator

English to Russian Voice Translator

We have on board a panel of adept professionals who are translators with years of experience behind them and are fluent in not only their native languages but also in the languages they translate to. The professional translation work done by them keeps in mind the subtleties of both, the source language as well as the target language, along with their innate cultural nuances so as to not give rise to any opportunity for misinterpretation. We have experts in many languages from all parts of the world.

Turkish to English Voice Translator

English to Spanish Voice Translator

All these benefits come to you at a price that is more reasonable than what other translation agencies in the industry offer. However, once you have availed our translation services, you are most likely to return to us because of our uncompromising standards and timely schedules at competitive rates.

Italian to English Voice Translator

Chinese to English Voice Translator

We offer a wide range of services for your translation and proofreading needs. We are proficient in undertaking such services for your manuals, brochures, academic papers, contracts, project reports, books, uscis translations and anything else you need to get done. As the leading translation company, we are known for our skills in professional translation of academic articles and theses in a wide variety of subjects that are translated from the source language to the target language with competency.


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