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What are the best tools andor books to learn Mandarin Chinese? – Quora

Here are the tools I used (and am still using) to learn Chinese. I apologize for the excessive length of the answer…

If you register on italki, upload a picture and state that you are interested in learning Chinese (and you speak English) — I can guarantee that you will have more Chinese language partners than you will know what to do with. They will:

Zizzle:Zizzleis the most advanced app for learning Chinese characters out there. Instead of monotonous repetitive-writing, Zizzle transforms Chinese characters into beautiful visualizations and stories with funny heroes. Zizzle also comes with all the other perks you would expect from a top-notch mobile app, like audio support, spaced repetition, an intelligent testing system and customization possibilities.

This is another dictionary website. It also allows you to write characters with your mouse.

* Bonus: Definitely check out the Sinica pocasts for really insightful commentary on whats going on in China today.

If you have friends who studied in a foreign country for three months and came back nearly fluent, you know exactly what I am talking about. Immersion is a crucial component to learning a language, andif you cant go to a foreign country, the next best thing is to practice speaking / chatting to someone online. If English is your mother language, youll find a lot of people around the world interested in talking with you.

Whats the best self study book to learn Chinese?

What are the best tools and/or books to learn Mandarin Chinese?

Chinlingo is also an objective Chinese information communicator.

In conclusion, FluentU is a fun, easy, and quick way to learn Chinese while hearing it in the proper context and authentic usage that other sites often lack. Its the best online Mandarin Chinese learning website Ive come across so far, and Ive tried quite a few.

What are some of the best books to learn Mandarin?

. Most are 5 minutes or less, and none are more than 15 minutes so its perfect for that 15-20 minute work break when you have nothing else to do at your computer. Types of videos include commercials, music videos, movie trailers, short films, business broadcasts, news broadcasts, etc. The latter two are excellent for acquiring greater proficiency in business/formal Mandarin Chinese.

What are the best online services and tools to efficiently learn Mandarin Chinese?

I have to state upfront that I am a co-founder of a language learning startup

Anki:Ankiis the most popular tool for flashcards and spaced repetition. It is an extremely flexible piece of software that lets you add images, audio etc. to your cards. There are also quite a couple of great free decks by other users that you can simply use.

Learning Chinese is rewarding. It just takes a lot more effort and time to get there.

What are the best textbooks/resources for learning Mandarin independently?

Is INaWORD a good place for learning Mandarin Chinese?

Videos are short and cover a wide range of topics

Whats the best self study book to learn Chinese?

If you want to find out about even more awesome resources, an even more comprehensive list can be foundhere.

What are the best books for learning Mandarin Chinese?

If you get past the very initial beginner stages, I do believe it is worthwhile to start trying to communicate with actual Chinese speakers. In my opinion, this is the most important tool of learning a foreign language –practice speaking / chatting with a native speaker.

You can also find a very reasonably priced Chinese teacher to teach you one-on-one online. Many teachers will teach you for less than $5 USD an hour.

Skritter: Another veteran in the Chinese eLearning industry,Skritterallows you to write in your phone as if you are using pen and paper. The app then it tracks and evaluates, how good your writing is. Skritter is also boasting a number of pre-made decks for the different HSK levels and for the most commonly used textbooks.

Learning Chinese is a beast, and I think people should take a serious sanity check before they commit to it. The US State Department rates Chinese as a Category 3 language, and they estimate it takes 2200 hours for an English speaker to get to a proficient level. Compare that to Spanish (Category 1) which takes roughly 600 hours.

Conversational Chinese 301is published by Beijing Language and Culture University Press. There are 40 lessons and 8 review lessons in total. This book aims atdeveloping beginners ability to communicate in Chinese. Each lesson contains six parts: Sentences, conversation, substitution and extension, new words, grammar, and practice. Further, the book is annotated in different languages.

Should I learn Mandarin or a Chinese Dialect?

A few further points to add to some of the earlier answers:

Chinesepodis the most well known learning Chinese podcast, and started by

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In the future, Chinlingo will become the platform where you can connect with China.

What are some good online tools for learning basic Chinese?

HelloTalk: One of the best effects of the above mentioned blessed internet revolution is that is offers everybody the chance to connect with people all around the world without leaving their bed! Using theHelloTalkapp, you simply select which languages you want to learn and you can instantly start chatting off with a native speaker.

Ive usedPimsleurfor Japanese, but not Chinese. I know thats also a popular option. The basic methodology is aural-based learning. You listen and try to respond to the speakers.

How helpful is learning Mandarin Chinese?

Memrise: As with Anki,Memriselets you create flashcards with text, images, audio, memes etc. There are a number of really great pre-made decks for Chinese based on the HSK levels. Memrise also has a Pre-Version which costs around USD 60 a year and gives you additional insight on your learning progress.

2. Textbook Recommended if you are interested in Chinese culture.

, Studied Mandarin Chinese, working on a language learning startup

What are the best books to learn Mandarian Chinese?

* Answer your questions about Chinese,

Likewise, I found that the Internet was my best friend in terms of learning Mandarin Chinese.

What is the Best book to learn Chinese?

Mandarin Companion: If you are beyond the very beginner level, you may want to try out theMandarin Companion. They consist of famous English stories, e.g. Sherlock Holmes, transferred to a Chinese setting.

, Speak 4 languages fluently; Working on a language startup

Under your vigorous support, we believe that Chinlingo will grow and thrive. In the future, she will be your best companion when expanding business in China; your consultant when planning study in China; your tour guide when enjoying your trip in China; and the platform where you can sell genuine foreign products to China!

Chinese information, as well as Chinese context, is indispensable when learning Chinese. To provide comprehensive services to learners,, Chinlingos information website, seeks to provide a full picture of the real China to Chinese learners through quality bilingual information and objective coverage.

What are the best books for learning the Chinese language?

Chinlingoboasts a course design team consisting of TCSL teachers, course consultants and teaching researchers. Concentrated on the study of teaching theories and personally engaged in classroom instruction, they have accumulated rich experience in Chinese teaching. After several rounds of refining, Chinlingos course design team unveils the Chinlingo Business Chinese Course Series, a product of its original creation. In the courses, business application scenarios are displayed through interesting animation and Chinese language points are explained by real teachers in the hope of developing systematic Chinese teaching materials featured by learning through entertainment.

Chinese Grammar Wiki: A very young but really comprehensiveresourceon Chinese grammar. They present Chinese grammar in a very structured way. So if at some point, you hear/read a sentence and are unsure about the construction, you are sure to find help there.

Videos are broken out into fluency levels and topics

Tudou and Youku: These are the Chinese equivalents of Youtube. They have a lot of Chinese TV shows and a lot of these vides have subtitles, too. So if you are already more advanced and want to get exposed to more authentic material, this is your place to go! Some of the Chinese shows like the notoriousare more than just hilarious.

Pleco Dictionaryfor iPhone, Palm, Android, Windows…

New Concept Chineseis published by Beijing University Press. The content of this textbook is practical and interesting. Materials include the textbook, workbook for Chinese characters, pictures and cards for teaching, and a CD-ROM.

. They add new content every week, incorporate and improve features every now and again, and have weekly emails introducing new content and recommending obscure or new features.

8. Connect with Native Chinese Speakers

What are the best books for learning Mandarin Chinese?

What are the best books for learning the Chinese language?

Learning Chinese by books was very difficult. Since Chinese is a tonal language, you really need to exercise your mouth and get immediate feedback. By going online, I was able to have 1-on-1 lessons at a cost much lower than a personal tutor and at my own convenience (in sweat pants!).

What is the best way to learn Mandarin Chinese?

Scroll on the subtitles (both in characters and Pinyin) and/or English translation to instantly pause a video (no clicking necessary). Click on a phrase if you want to instantly see text sentences using the phrase or other videos that use it. Go back to your video at the paused time with another click. No need to constantly click back and forth and copy-paste to a separate Chinese-English dictionary in another browser tab.

Still have a question? Ask your own!

s, and others recommendation of

How helpful is learning Mandarin Chinese?

These apps helped a lot in my free time.

3. Textbook Recommended for studying Chinese systematically or learning how to write Chinese characters.

(Hm. Im noticing I left off book recommendations…)

The Internet has changed everything when it comes to education and language.Today, young Chinese students are learning English online. In the past, they would have to travel abroad or sit in a classroom with many other students and not speaking or getting personalized feedback.

I believe the two best Chinese learning podcasts are:

What is the Best book to learn Chinese?

How do I effectively learn Mandarin Chinese?

Related QuestionsMore Answers Below

In the interests of being somewhat objective, Ill also list other websites that can offer somewhat similar experiences.

When it comes to finding Mandarin Chinese language partners, I think (warning: this is the self-promotion) I think this is the best site:

If youre learning Chinese, youre going to be facing a brutal memorization game. There isnt an easy way to avoid this — you have to have a good flashcard system. Anki is open source (free), is really easy to use, and is effective. I would download this immediately, and start pushing words youre trying to learn into the system. Learning Chinese requires a long-term perspective, and you have to have a system to continue building / retaining your vocabulary.

Chinese Traditional Culture and Modern Lifewould be a nice choice. This textbook is published by Beijing University Press with a range of topics, such as What is the Chinese new year and Who are the four most beautiful women in ancient China?

The efficacy of the Zizzle mnemonic method has been compared to normal teaching the methods in a scientific study conducted by the University of Munich. The result: Student performance increased over 79%.

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Finally, we recommendOur Chinese Classroomwhich teachers and students at Hanbridge Mandarin use. This book is designed to help beginners to effectively master basic Chinese communication skills within a short period of time. It uses a vocabulary based onHSK, and it also uses a large number of words and dialogues conveying Chinese society as well as daily life, as well as the work of foreigners in China.

[1]. A friend recommended this site to me a few weeks ago, and Ive been using it enthusiastically since even though I was initially hesitant to try a paid online language learning service.

There are various Chinese textbooks on the market, so choosing some good books can be challenging for beginning Mandarin learners. Below are five popular books that we can recommend.

Where can I find books in Mandarin Chinese?

There are now tons of services and tools to help you learn Mandarin Chinese. I have structured this answer according to the skills involved. Hope you find that helpful:

Where can I find books in Mandarin Chinese?

4. Textbooks recommended by Hanbridge Mandarin teachers.

Pleco: This is probably the best Chinese dictionary for foreigners out there. They have the most important meanings and very useful phrases for every character, you can break down every character into their radicals and if you are willing to pay some extra money, the app comes with amazing OCR (optical character recognition). If a Chinese character doesnt exist onPleco, it probably doesnt exist at all.

I decidedto learn Chinese online, where I was the only one in the classroom and could receive immediate feedback on my pronunciation.

Hacking Chinese: For an amazing overview of Chinese learning strategies for all levels and all the necessary skills I recommendHacking Chinese. Olle Linge, the mind behind the blog, does a really good job in putting the process in focus and help you to improve the way you learn. He really goes into detail with memorisation techniques, using different tools and just generally makes learning Chinese much more transparent.

What are some of the best books to learn Mandarin?

PopupChineseis also growing in popularity.

This is a fast dictionary website which takes English, characters, and pinyin.

What are the best textbooks/resources for learning Mandarin independently?

The Chairmans Bao:The Chairmans Baois a great resource for student friendly Chinese articles. The newspaper published news on many topics, such as business, science, sport technologies and other, all written in Mandarin by Native Chinese teachers.

. You can also try out a video for free before you pay and/or cancel as soon as you pay so that you only pay for 1 month to try it.

Chinlingo can be your good partner to grow up together with you. We are also eager to learn and strive to develop. Visit it at:

When I first began learning Chinese I signed up for a course at a local community college. However, it was easy for me to sit back and listen, not speaking as much as I should have. The amount of personalized feedback that I received was minimal.

Top 5 Recommended Books to Chinese Beginners

What is the best way to learn Mandarin Chinese?

You absolutely need a device that can help you identify characters you see in your books (or on the street). If you know anything about Chinese, using dictionaries is very frustrating because of how you have to look up Chinese characters (stroke count or radicals). Having Pleco will make it MUCH easier for you to decipher characters at a reasonable pace. The handwriting recognition is amazing. I still use this almost daily on my ancient Palm device, and I believe it is worth the money.

Videos are easy to pause and vocab easy to look up; no separate online dictionary required.

Which websites give the best lessons in Mandarin Chinese?

* Spend a lot of time to chat or write to you in Chinese.

New Practical Chinese Readeris a good choice, it is published by Beijing Language and Culture University Press. Popular with overseas Mandarin learners,New Practical Chinese Readerconsists of three books: textbook, instructors manual andlearning Chinese characters. These can meet the needs of both teachers and students of Chinese as a second language. As for the characters, each lesson has two parts. In the first part, some character components are introduced, and then you are shown how the components are combined to form characters in the text. Rules for constructing and writing characters are also provided. In the second part, a variety of writing exercises is provided.

. Vocab flash card decks, lists of what vocab phrases youve come across in your recent videos, audio, and so on.

. You can watch Newbie, Intermediate, Advanced, Native, and several other levels of fluency videos under categories that include science/tech, culture, everyday life, business, health, etc.

What is the best way for an English speaker to learn Mandarin?

If you are finding the Chinese books for your kids, then take a close look at5 Recommended Chinese Textbooks for Kids.

ChinesePod:A veteran in the Chinese eLearning Scene,ChinesePodhas over 10 years of experience and thousands of audio and video lessons teaching tens of thousands of students from all around the world. So in other words, they know what they are doing. And they are doing it really well.

Anki Spaced-Repetition-System – Flashcards(open source, Windows, Linux, etc. also iPhone)

Language Immersion Learn a Language with Videos FluentU


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