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What Can You Do? Free Learn Chinese PDF book

I can teach English, and I teach well.

Lets play the ball together Free Learn Chinese PDF book

1. How to say Can you + ability in Chinese.

2. Ask your friends if they can teach you something or learn something from you.

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This is the PDF lesson for Chinese beginners, for more and full FREE PDF lessons as well as complete learning, please sign up a free trial and start your Chinese learning with professional tutors! Download TutorMandarinlearn Chinese appto take your Chinese library in your pocket!

Learn Chinese Daily: Talk About Where You Live

3. A: ? (T chngg chng d znme yng?)

1. ?  (N ky jio w znme shu hny ma?)

4. How to say How is it in Mandarin.

I can teach you Chinese, do you want to learn Chinese?

Learn Chinese song Step by Step by Mayday

5. ? !  (Shi hu shu rwn ma? W xyo bngmng!)

How to say Happy Birthday in Chinese

When you want to know more about your friends and want to know what they can do? How to ask them in Chinese? You are admiring your friends language skills or talent in playing sports, and you want to ask them to teach you, how can you speak in Chinese?

5. How to express I said… or He says… in Chinese.

Learn Chinese Online TutorMandarin 2017

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How to learn Chinese language with minimum effort

2. (W hu jio yngwn, rqi jio d hn ho.)

Plenty of exercises will help you review and practice what you just learned. Enjoy your lesson! But with real tutors, your learning effects would be greater!

This is a beginner Chinese 50-minute TutorMandarin lesson about the title, What can you do?Beginner 1level is for learners who cannot or speak a little bit of Chinese. Hence, well teach you basic but useful words in life, simple conversation and how to express your needs in this level. To maximize your Chinese-learning efficiency,  experience the student-centered learning environment with our online professional tutors.

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3. Degree compliment – How to use the word to modify a verb.

4. ?  (W ky jio n hny, n xing xu hny ma?)

Can you teach me how to speak Chinese?

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Practice your Chinese in daily conversation is a good way to enhance your speaking ability. Grab every chance to speak in Chinese if you are in China or other Chinese-speaking countries. Speaking to your Chinese friends is also the most efficient way. Therefore, make sure you know how to ask your friends what can they do? Whatre their hobbies? Know more about your friends with more vocab and grammar withChinese conversation! If you love to learn Chinese with your favorite TV series, check out our latestLearn Chinese through Game of Thrones Quotes!

I Have Eaten My Lunch Free Learn Chinese Beginner Topic

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