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What is the best way to learn Chinese online? – Quora

What is the best way to learn Chinese online?

The best way to learn chinese language is learning from online resources i can also suggest you the Best Chinese Online Courses. It is important to choose to study a language that will remain relevant and useful in the coming years. Mandarin Chinese is one such language. In the last decade, Chinas economy has surged forth, causing it to become one of the leading world powers. Below are theBest Chinese Online Courses:

: Not for people with a busy life back home and could be costly if you study in a Chinese University with tuition, living and other costs.

for explanations of basic sentence structure and grammar. The videos are well-produced and sequenced in a progressive, gradual way. And the instructor/host, YangYang Cheng, is energetic and clear. She understands lessons are best absorbed short snippets at a time.

Pinyin Chart:Pinyin and Tones in Mandarin

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Ask for prices and negotiate prices with Chinese sellers (lesson 7)

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Order food in a Chinese restaurant and ask for the bill (lesson 6)

Ask for direction if you are lost in China (lesson 8)

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After the course, you will be able to

Needless to say, this approach is for the self starters. First you buy the books, dictionaries, and DVDs, then you look for online Chinese chat rooms and Chinese language partners, and finally you get tired, bored, and lazy and you quit. If youre going to study on your own, you had better have a strong incentive to learn Chinese. Plan a trip to Beijing to take the HSK (Chinese Proficiency Examination) or get a job in a Chinese company and have the pressure of feeling like an idiot because you cant understand what people say to you (My personal favorite). This will give you a goal and make your language study purposeful. Of course, for some the sheer enjoyment of learning another language is enough. If you enjoy what you do, then you need no other incentive.

Finally, a quick plug for a vocabulary reinforcement tool I helped to develop, which is currently in alpha and free:It works for Google Chrome and helps you reinforce Mandarin when you are browsing the web, with minimal disruption to your reading experience. As it merely reinforces vocabulary, it complements any active Mandarin language learning tools you may be using, including the terrific ones above.

Here are a few more online resources that you may want to consider:

for continual practice of listening/speaking and reading (and typing). The concept here is to use video clips of dialog as the source material to practice and quiz from. This is fantastic for drilling into your brain natural sounding phrases. (Ive received compliments from native speakers when I bust out well-grooved phrases Ive learned.) The daily quizzing is also an easy way to get some practice in.

Chinese information, as well as Chinese context, is indispensable when learning Chinese. To provide comprehensive services to learners,Chinlingo Info – Closer to China, Learn Chinese, Chinlingo, Chinlingos information website, seeks to provide a full picture of the real China to Chinese learners through quality bilingual information and objective coverage.

Chinlingo is your good partner to grow up together with you. Its also eager to learn and strive to develop. Visit it at:

: Study at your own pace in your own way.

Ive offered lessons to students with busy work schedules for years, and I know that online courses can be just as effective. Even better, theyre more convenient. When youre working alone with your teacher, youll be able to develop a curriculum that fits your precise needs, and itll all revolve around your own schedule.

: Unless you have some direct social interaction and a well organized learning system, it would be no more effective than buying a book and a tape.

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From this course you may learn about:

This course uses games (Minecraft) to make learning more interesting and engaging.

Because Chinese write in characters, which represent meaning but not sound, learning Pinyin is emphasised and made easy in this course. With Pinyin, you will find it easy to pronounce Chinese correctly and to teach yourself Chinese in the future.

4. Chinese Novels/Movies:One way to ease your Chinese learning is to do things you enjoy, but in Chinese. Try reading Chinese novels or short stories and watching Chinese movies. This way you can improve all realms of learning! You will be able to practice listening and speaking/proper pronunciation with movies and reading comprehension/character recognition with Chinese books. It is a fail-proof way of making learning more fun. And with a wide selection on the internet, you can find materials to suit any taste in genre or Chinese level. There is a very popular TV show similar to Growing Pains called Home with Childrenor a popular Chinese childrens show, called Happy Sheep and the Grey Wolf , you could watch to practice Chinese.

Chinlingo boasts a course design team consisting of TCSL teachers, course consultants and teaching researchers. Concentrated on the study of teaching theories and personally engaged in classroom instruction, they have accumulated rich experience in Chinese teaching. After several rounds of refining, Chinlingos course design team unveils the Chinlingo Business Chinese Course Series, a product of its original creation. In the courses, business application scenarios are displayed through interesting animation and Chinese language points are explained by real teachers in the hope of developing systematic Chinese teaching materials featured by learning through entertainment.

Study with a Digital Learning Device

Whats the best app for learning Chinese?

I have a keen interest in language learning methods, and have been learning Mandarin for less than a year. I think we each have to cobble together our own tools to obtain the education we need.

Duolingo and Memrise are both popular and useful apps for learning on-the-go. Mixing up your podcast queue with some fun apps is a good way to keep your brain on its toes. Anki has a mobile app, too. The official app for iOS is available on the app store for a fair price, and the unofficial app for Android is available online.

Study with a Tutor/ Language Partner/ Girlfriend/ Boyfriend

Just try to find different ways to make Chinese a part of your life according to what interests you. Keep in mind you should also be attending formal classes whether online or in person to master the basics of Chinese.

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Learning a language online would be great if you had all the necessary resources available to learn effectively. Unfortunately, there seems to be a lot of websites advertising for schools, books, and other learning materials, but none purely for online learning. Go ahead and search for yourself. There are a few online Chinese dictionaries and not much else. Im sure its only a matter of time before Chinese language schools start going online, but for now, its just a dream that has yet to come true.

What is the best way to learn Adobe Photoshop?

What is the best way to learn Mandarin online?

Thats an excellent question. Learning any language while working can be incredibly difficult, especially a language as demanding as Chinese. But it should come as no surprise that the best way to learn Mandarin online is the same as the best way to learn Mandarin in general–with a tutor or language partner.

What are the best ways to learn C?

Chinese is getting to be a popular language to study and more universities are opening language courses and majors. If you have the time, money, and if the local university or community college offers Chinese courses, then this is a good option for people who need the classroom environment, structure, and discipline. The only problem is that once you leave the classroom, you leave the Chinese environment. If you only practice Chinese for 2-4 hours a week, dont expect to get much from the class. The class option is only for the most serious of language learners. For them, the classroom is just a supplement to their own language study. The other drawback is that if you are that serious about learning Chinese, then you dont want to be stuck in a classroom full of people who struggle to keep up while not getting much of the teachers time and attention for yourself. So if your goal is to become fluent, then find a serious university program, go for a degree in Chinese, and dedicate yourself fulltime. University training looks better on your resume anyway.

, studied at Beijing Language and Culture University

What is the best way to learn Mandarin online?

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What is the best way to learn Chinese writing?

Count numbers in Chinese up to millions (lesson 4)

: Multi-media learning from the comfort of home would be great.

Pronounce Chinese characters according to Pinyin (Pinyin is the Chinese characters written in Roman letters and the representation of Chinese pronunciation system) (lesson 2)

What is the most effective way to learn and facilitate skills and knowledge into long-term memory? Is there a proven technique one can follow …

Introduce yourself in Chinese (lesson 3)

In the future, Chinlingo will become the platform where you can connect with China.

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a professional Chinese course designer.

What are the best sites for learning Chinese online?

Hi. The best way to learn Chinese online is probably to find your own private tutor and practice speaking and listening to Chinese with your tutor. With a private tutor, you can have the tutor concentrate on correcting your tones. In my opinion, using the correct tones is really important in Chinese because Chinese is a tone dependent language. If you speak using the wrong tones, it becomes difficult for the listener to understand you. Conversely, when you listen to a Chinese speaker, if you cannot distinguish the tones, you will have difficulty understanding the speaker as well. Right now, Im learning Chinese through Skype with a private tutor at.

I want to learn Telugu to surprise my boyfriend. Whats the easiest and the fastest way to pick up the language?

What is the best way for Chinese to learn Japanese?

If you cannot afford a private tutor, you may consider a language exchange. If your English is really good, you should probably be able to find a language exchange partner that is willing to teach your Chinese. The problem with a language exchange is that half your time is devoted to teaching your partner English. And you have to hope that your partner is fair and is willing to provide equal time in teaching you Chinese.

Where can I learn Mandarin Chinese online?

Tell the taxi driver where you want to go and where to stop (lesson 5)

for vocabulary tracking. They have the very best vocab tracking system, because not only can you drill with spaced repetition, each word has example sentences, each of which consist of additional words you can click on and add. Thus, it allows for natural exploration, and encourages sentence learning rather than individual words. Also, all words & sentences audio recorded by a native speaker.

This kind of one-on-one language exchange beats the classroom environment because you get non-stop speaking time. You get the practice while being able to talk about deeper and more personal topics, which by the way also helps develop a deeper relationship with whomever your language partner may be. Whether he/she be a friend, language tutor, or something more, if you want to make significant progress, you have to avoid letting the conversation get too lazy. What I mean is that you should have a book, DVD, or other material that will supply the conversations with fresh vocabulary, phrases, structures, and topics. Nothing is worse than getting too comfortable with the limited broken Chinese you have already learned and just getting by with that. Have some structure. Start with some Q&A about a movie, but be free enough to let it flow into natural conversation. Then after your study session, you can review and practice on your own with the material you used.

an objective Chinese information communicator.

This is probably the fastest way to learn a language; if youre a young student. Go live in China and enroll in Chinese courses at almost any university in Beijing. You will be having simple conversations within a year and almost fluent within two. If youre the shy or undisciplined type, then enroll in a language course, but if youre a social butterfly, then just living there and interacting with people should suffice; unless you spend all your leisure time drinking beer with other non-natives and expats. You can even teach English to make some extra cash, but beware! Teaching English will have you speaking English all day, everyday, and your Chinese will not improve much. Chinese people love to talk to foreigners, so you will not lack for opportunities to apply what you learned in the classroom in real life situations.

Learn to teach yourself Chinese online and with mobile phone apps.

: Multimedia courses, multidirectional character searching, and portable.

: Close to home and a structured learning environment for the not so disciplined.

What is the best way for Chinese to learn Japanese?

What is the best way to learn Chinese?

: Like all new tech products in a new market, it has its shortcomings, but none that hinder language study.

So youve decided to learn Chinese. Good for you! But now what? Whats the best way to learn? How do you begin? There are a few different ways to approach language study, but whichever one you pick may depend on your own personal situation. If you work full time, then taking a year off for a study abroad program is probably not a very realistic choice. Here are some options for comparison.

Here is what I use, and would suggest any of these to others:

Under your vigorous support, we believe that Chinlingo will grow and thrive. In the future, she will be your best companion when expanding business in China; your consultant when planning study in China; your tour guide when enjoying your trip in China; and the platform where you can sell genuine foreign products to China!

: Needs time, money, and commitment; like anything in life.

What is the best way to learn Spanish on your own?

Where can I learn Mandarin Chinese online?

Anki: Anki is a so-called intelligent flashcard system that learns your needs as you go along. What does that mean? Well, the closer you get to mastering a card, the less often youll see that card when youre going through your deck. Anki can be one of the most powerful tools in your toolbox.

What is the best way to learn chess?

What is the best way to learn calculus?

Tell people where you are from (lesson 9)

What is the best way to learn Spanish on your own?

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: Immersion makes you learn fast and you get a wonderful travel experience in China.

There are many electronic dictionaries and translators on the market. One that I have, called the Express Chinese NC200, is designed to teach Chinese language to non-native speakers. It has step by step courses, animated pinyin and character teaching programs, dictionaries of course, and a ton of other PDA and multi media functions. Thats all great, but how is it going to help me learn Chinese? Learning to speak and write any language is difficult, but Chinese characters can really slow you down. Imagine if you had a device that allows you to look up characters in every possible way: by pinyin (or pinyin keyboard), by radical, by stroke count, by drawing the character on the screen with the stylus, or by English definition. You would never get stuck because you couldnt look up and find a character that you read, heard, or tried to translate. I dont mean to sound like a salesman, but having this device allows me to find any character or word on the fly and takes all those other logistical and personal obstacles out of the way. Even without all the other functions and lessons, just being able to pick any word or character off the screen and collect them in a self-built dictionary saves me a lot of paper and time searching over and over again for previously learned characters that I forget (which is most of the time). Its the ideal complement to the above mentioned options because you can take it with you anywhere you go. I take articles in Chinese from the internet, load them onto the device, throw the device in my bag and go to the caf to study and translate. Its fast, convenient, and definitely worth getting if you travel, do business, translate, or just enjoy learning Chinese.

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Learn the Chinese vocabulary of colours

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What is the best way to learn calculus?

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Thus, we have instruction (1), practice & typing (2), and vocab (3) covered. Of course, it is desirable to find immersive, social experiences if possible. Online tutoring platforms like

What is the best way for a beginner to learn HTML/CSS?

The course helps you start communicating in Chinese as soon as possible. Start your life in China easy without fear of being unable to talk to the taxi driver.

What are the best sites for learning Chinese online?

Chinese dictionary and tools:YellowBridge

What is the best way to learn Chinese?

So I guess you know which one I prefer. Its not really a choice between this way or that way. Its more a matter of committing yourself to learning Chinese and then giving yourself the proper tools and resources to reach your goal. Chinese is really no more or less difficult than any other language. Just remember: )

: Unless you have a good reason to learn Chinese, you will probably get bored and quit.

1.Having real time practice with a native speakeris probably the quickest method aside from coming and living in China for the next three years. What you need is total immersion, but if you cant achieve that back home, then you can supplement with other ways. If you want a personalized, native teacher that you can Skype with whenever you have time, you can check out this free trial for online classes which lets youdownload free ebooksjust by signing up.

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