Which kind of books should be read for learning spoken English?

1.Dont study grammar too much- Studying grammar will slow you down and confuse you. You will think about the rules when creating sentences instead of naturally saying a sentence like a native.

Reading that you select for the most enjoyment.

Try to learn:pronunciation. When you know it, you can hear more exactly.

of the famous people. This will help you learn

5.Watch English news channels-As you are from India and you will be talking to Indians only,the Hollywood movies will not benefit you much as they are American(generally) and this will cause problem due to difference in accent.So its better to watch English news channels as they use the same dialect as used in India and it will also help in increasing your knowledge and you will stay updated about current affairs.

3.Practice speaking- In order to speak English fluently, you need to practice speaking.Practice speaking until your mouth and brain can do it without any effort. By doing so, you will be able to speak English fluently.

Indian English is fairly different from British English, not only in terms of pronunciation but in terms of grammar and vocabulary as well.

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. Read books to improve your vocabulary. The books that may be read are short story books written by English writers, Aesops Fables, English books prescribed in school curriculum, English Grammar book for school students.

4.Wings of Fire by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

I am 32 years old and do have a fluency in written English.

@MamtaD Arnabs English is not good? You mean grammar and vocabulary both? Really? (Note: Im not concerned with the topics they choose)

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Application process has been in German (native tongue), should I inform the candidate that the interview will be held in English?

I live in India and will be talking to only Indians. It is supposed to be a daily conversation about day to day life.

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This series introduceIELTS Preparation. Videos are easy to hear.

Watch English news channels (of India).

The most important component of spoken English is

You should also watch English Talk shows as they help in quickly developing communication skills,improve non-verbal skills and up-to some extent in grooming body language.

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Reading that you can easily understand.

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Aboutbooksto improve your spoken English :

But the most important thing is to practise it; better if practised in front of a person who can point out your mistakes.

List of some books which will help you in improving:-

Applying the Comprehension Hypothesis: Some … – Stephen Krashen

When you want to create an English sentence, do not translate the words from your Mother tongue. The order of words is probably completely different and you will be both slow and incorrect by doing this. Instead, learn phrases and sentences so you dont have to think about the words you are saying. It should be automatic.

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Childrens books are meant to be read aloud. Childrens poetry is meant to be recited by English language learners to each other (usually in a sing-songy voice). If you have children, consider reading bed-time stories to them. Here are a few great books for reading aloud:

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, and use them often. The best source is a Dictionary having a list of proverbs as appendix or supplementary material.

@ ῦς thanks for the useful advice. I request you to put that as a detailed answer with some examples of american accent shows so that I can get an idea.

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I would recommend NOT to watch English news channels (especially the ones like Times NOW as these days the content on these channels is not very good). I would rather urge you to watch English TV shows (such as House of Cards, Empire and so on. Though the accent would be tough to catch in the beginning, you can soon pick it up).

His English is good, I was referring to the content.

and read them aloud to improve your

1.Cambridge – English Vocabulary in Use(upper-intermediate & advanced) by McCarthy and felicity ODell

English Plays are also very good source of learning how the native speakers use English in different situations and moods.

Sci-fi short stories where the title had the word box in it

To become a fluent English speaker, you must study and master reading, listening, and speaking.

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2.Word Power Made Easy by Norman Lewis

For spoken English, read something that has a lot of dialog in it. Or better, listen to such works as

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@Catija please give me whatever you have.

This guidance is supported by research in language acquisition.

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Charles Dickens, Thomas Hardy, Jane Austen,

and you will be able to imitate these sentences in the long run.

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. Or listen to podcasts and even old radio shows. That seems more practical than trying to learn about spoken English by

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Most of these examples include lots of poetry, and their prose is very poetic.

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Ok, the best way to learn spoken English is to practise speaking English either with other learners of spoken English or yourself. Try to imagine different situations (e.g. you the man of the match and you are being interviewed by journalists; you have won a film fare award; how you have prepared a particular dish, etc.) and express yourself. If you do not get the English words refer to a dictionary (from your mother tongue to English).

Should I prefer plays or composition? Is there some benefit of one over the other for learning spoken English?

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I recommendsome Study English Series of australianetwork

4.Study correct material- You should read a newspaper daily (English). You can read novels,classical works and articles on different topics on internet. You can also read magazines and comics.

I Always try to listen to English movie and TV show which really helps me improve my speaking.The more you listen, the better you get

Composition will help you build up a strong vocabulary.

Start here for a quick overview of the site

I mean instead of the recommendations below for tv.

2.Learn and study phrases and collocation- These are essential part of spoken English.If you know thousand words, you might not be able to say one correct sentence. But if you know one phrase, you can make hundreds of correct sentences and similarly a collocation shows your level and knowledge of the language.

sense of rhythm, stress and intonation

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3.Cambridge International Dictionary of Phrasal Verbs

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