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Which language has more scope, French, Chinese, Japanese, German or Spanish?

, not just in China, though. The vast majority are, but you probably already know someone in your local community who speaks Mandarin.

Chinese people are always happy when they hear a or speak their language, meaning youll get a lot of encouragement and keep the motivation for learning Chinese

study by United Nations: More than half of global population growth between now and 2050 is expected to occur in Africa. More than 1.3 billion people are expected to be added to Africas population by that time.Nevertheless, an

French is a beautiful language but Napoleon time is history and France is not an important country with great influence as in the past.If in Europe its hard to say France is No. 1.

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What language would me more useful to learn in Australia, French or Chinese?

For some people, the character system gets a little overwhelming It will take a lot longer to become literate enough to read a newspaper and even longer to write without a computer keyboard

Is there a language more eloquent than French?

Many different countries speak French, French colonization brought it to Africa, North America can go to a lot of different countries with varied cultures (Moracco, Belgium, Qubec, etc.) and communicate with locals in French

, 10+ years experience teaching French to non-native speakers

First of all,when one is about to learn a new language,the difficulty of that language is always the primary aspect he is to

Which language would be more useful for a native Chinese speaker: French or Spanish?

What language would me more useful to learn in Australia, French or Chinese?

How useful of study the two languages,Chinese or French?

For centuries,French is considered to be a very beautiful language,sounding harmonious and melodic.Despite a number of people who harbor the idea that French has been over praised,the magic of this language itself is still working on many,attracting over 120 million students and 500,000 teachers around the world.

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Which language is more logical, Persian or Chinese?

Feminine and masculine nouns why?!

Finally,how about the glamour of these languages?

Which language will be more useful: French or Chinese?

at Forbes, correctly points out that the methodology of the study is questionable, since it counts are French-speaking population, every person who lives in a country whose official Language is French. For example, the official language ofBurkina Fasoare French, even so the 90% of the population communicates in native languages.While the above argument makes sense, it is

Tones and much different pronunciation than English (can be easy or hard depending on how good of an ear you have)

Well,as one of the most widely spoken languages in Africa,French is definitely a better option for people who plan to start a career in that continent. In addition,if your job has something to do with natural resources like mining industry,which Africa abounds in,there is no doubt that study French is more promising.

So French or Chinese – my vote is Chinese hands down!

Verbs will bite you in the butt the higher up you go

Which foreign language is more useful?

, native French speaker, hybrid French-Quebecer accent

(*Just my opinion based on experience*) bad pronunciation habits based on English sounds and rhythm are easy to develop but hard to get rid of

Which language is more logical, Persian or Chinese?

Because of the Open Policy started in the early 1980s,China has experienced a fast development for more than 30 years.With a GDP of 67.67 trillion RMB in 2015,China is the second largest economy body all over the world,only second to US. As lots of western countries are facing a critical economic situation,China may become another opportunity for a business success.

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For someone whos fairly young, French might be a better option as it will become very important by 20302050 due to current demographic trends in Africa.

that communication between the governed and those who govern and the medium of instruction in basic education in most sub-Saharan Africa are done in French.In conclusion, I think that knowledge of French will be very useful for everyone who wants to be able to communicate with the vast majority of the population in the upcoming years.

What is Dumas use of the French language?

Which language is more useful, Spanish, French, or German?

A recent study by French investment bank Natixis suggests that by 2050 French will be the most-spoken language. The main argument of the study is that French are spoken in the fastest-growing area of the world, sub-Saharan Africa.

Sip a cup of coffee with the beautiful French chanson,enjoying the peaceful view of the Champs Elysees.For some,this is what they imagine the life in France to deed,speaking fluent French is not regarded a symbol of elegance just these days.Because of the great achievement of Louis XIV,French was once the most welcomed language in the area of diplomacy in Europe.During the same period,China was in Qing dynasty,ruled by KangXi,with whose achievement China topped the list of GDP in those years and provide the world with countless amazing works of art.Besides,as world changes,China has been developing into a country that no one can ignore .Its quite sure that mastering Chinese may open a door for one who hope for a better nsidering the pros and cons,which language should we study?

As someone whos learning both (and Japanese), Ill tell you a few of the the disadvantages and advantages of each

we all know,French and Chinese are in totally different language systems.Being a part of the Indo-European languages,its easier for students whose mother language is in the same system,such as German,English,Spanish and so forth.On the contrary,a Japanese or Korean may find it much more difficult to learn French than Chinese.Speaking of Chinese,the four tones of it may become the biggest barrier to a foreigner.Actually,according to some students who already handle some skills of this language,using the tones is not as fearsome as many people think.Besides,because of the various kinds of accent in China,people could always get what you mean even you have chosen a not so correct tone.When it comes to grammar,an English speaker may quite enjoy the study of Chinese—both of their grammar structure is straightforward and easy to pick up. As for French,apart from the complex grammar,you also need to struggle to familiarize with something like the conjugations of verbs, genders and agreements.

Owning to some historic reasons,French people had carried their language to Canada and many countries in Africa,including Congo,Morocco,Albania and so on.There are also some people living in countries next to France take French as their first language,such phenomenon can be seen in Belgium and Swiss.

Which language is more useful to know; French or Russian?

Mandarin Chinese ;m assuming when you say Chinese you mean Mandarin Chinese (what is spoken in Mainland China) and not (Wu Chinese) or / (Cantonese)

Which language would be more useful for a native Chinese speaker: French or Spanish?

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Sure more people speak mandarin, but not that many non-Chinese learn it. French however is the second most teached language in the world after English if I remember correctly. This means there are a lot of resources to learn it. French is the official language of a lot of different countries outside Europe, whereas mandarin is official in China and Taiwan. If you want to talk to the Chinese diaspora or tourists then mandarin would be quite useful, but if you travel in the world French might be more useful, even as a business language. Besides it makes the study of other Romance language easier (castillan, portuguese, italian, catalan, etc.). Sino-tibetan languages on the contrary are limited to China and its neighbours (as official languages).

Is there a language more eloquent than French?

China,as a old and yet young country,is gaining more and more popularity these days.Being a developing country,there are still many people cant speak any English,thus mastering Chinese is a key to the mysterious history and colorful life of its people.Because of globalization,Chinese elements have reached almost every corner of the world.For some youngsters,study Mandarin is not only about career or future,but merely a very cool thing to do.Dont you want to speak as Jacky Chen does,or discover those unknown spots on the map all by yourself?Admit it or not,its true that sometimes watching China from a different angle can give you a special experience.Forget about the boring description in a museum.Only by talking to some local people in China can you know how thousands of years of history has gone into Chinese daily life and discover the real beauty of this wonderful land.Study Chinese may offer you this opportunity!

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It depends what you intend to do later in life, how old you currently are and which languages you already speak.

Its funny that I am even attempting to answer this question – given that I havent spoken either of the two languages. But here is an opinion – so here me out.

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If you are a native English speaker ( or very fluent in English as a non-Chinese) and you learnt Chinese , can speak it fluently and can handle complicated conversations in your profesion with Chinese . I like to use a Chinese idiom to descripe you A tigger having two wings (You will have a lot more adventages than those foreigners who can speak only English. China is on the way to be a very very importand superpower in the world . You cant imagine how many opportunities are there in China for foreign professionals who can speak good Chinese. Making a good living is not a problem and maybe a better life than in the West .China is much more safer and much less chaotic than America and some Europen countries, China is the future of the world.

If I could have mastered any language – I would choose Chinese, simply because the Chinese people are a very closed and reserved lot and they do not open up that easily to foreigners. And secondly the Chinese economy is one of the largest untapped economies in the world, and if I were a businessman that is the place I would go to because China is where the world is focused at right now. French on the other hand – romantic, nice, sweet, good food, good climate and good feeling – not my thing anyways. And given that 3 of my Indian friends are constantly traveling to China for business and now that they have made really good money – Well you know what I like!

Do Chinese people use the English language?

Which language is more difficult: English or Chinese?

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Easier grammatical structure than English (NO VERB CONJUGATIONS! no adjective noun agreement and stuff like that)

good at learning new languages and whos about to start working, Mandarin might be more useful. However, let me warn you: mastering Mandarin is extremely hard and as there are already plenty of bilingual or multilingual Mandarin speakers, the competition is really tough (I was teaching French to Chinese students about 10 years ago in China, to help them do Master Degrees in France, so you can trust my word when I say there are already thousands of Chinese citizens who can speak both English, Chinese and French). So basically, Mandarin is only going to be useful if youre going to work for an international company sending expats to China, and only if you intend to live there for a significant amount of time.My short answer would be its more useful to learn French, my long answer would be it depends, but youre still probably better off learning French. But then again, Im biased, because (being French and) having lived in China myself I know how extremely difficult the language is, and I know for a fact many foreigners have no idea how hard life in China can be if theyve never been there first. If you have any doubt, I would suggest to visit China first, then make your mind up once youve seen the reality of life in China with your own eyes. If you see language learning as important for your future, dont gamble on second-hand impressions, first try to make up your mind by researching extensively the reality of both Chinese and French speaking countries.

. Chinese is almost overwhelminglydeep, and rich in every corner of its language, culture and literature, music and history, with traditions dating back several thousand years, and no matter how tumultuous their country was/is, they are still standing . . . . thanks in part to the Chinese language itself (I learned this from a Quoran contributor). The Chinese language very recently took over English,(and Spanish, and Hindi etc.) as the most spoken language in the world. I can speak a few languages decently, French is my native tongue. I am studying Chinese right now, because it is the right thing to do, just like 150 years ago, you wouldnt have dreamt of rounding off a higher education without adding French to your arsenal.But that was 150 years ago.France is delightful, lovely and romantic in many places, charming, cultured, smart etc. Its sphere of influence started shrinking after WWI, and has been overshadowed by English, and now, Chinese. For my resident five-year-old niece, we just enrolled her in a specific school because this Baccalaureate School was offering Mandarin Chinese at Transitional Kindergarten already. We have no idea what she will be when she grows up, but shell have Chinese as one of her life skills.

Which language has more scope, French, Chinese, Japanese, German or Spanish?

What is the best way to learn French on your own?

What is the best way to learn French on your own?

As there is no context attached to your question, this is one approach I recommend:

What is Dumas use of the French language?

Which language is more useful to know; French or Russian?

Which foreign language is more useful?

A LOT easier for native English speakers (lots of cognates, same alphabet, etc.) you will progress faster

Learn Chinese, and vacation in France . . . .

Next,let us look at where we can use these two languages.

By contrast,Chinese has not spread to as many countries as French did.Mainland of China and Taiwan are two areas which treat Mandarin as the official language,while in HongKong,you can use Mandarin as well as Cantonese.Due to waves of immigrant,there are many Chinese speaker in Malaysia and Singapore as well,which means you can also communicate in Chinese there without barriers.

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