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Why Chinese Is The Most Spoken Language?

Well, part of the reason its considered to be the most spoken language, is because of nationalistic reasons. Most varieties of the Sino-Tibetan language family are all called Chinese, but that doesnt make them have any more claim to be the same language, because some varieties are more different than some European languages. So, if for some reason Western Europe was conquered and made into one nation, and the government decided decreed that everyone spoke the language Western European, then this so called Western European language would have a great many of speakers. The same would be true if they decided that everyone in North America spoke North American–whether they were from Quebec, Anglo-North America, or Mexico, because French, English, and Spanish, are about as similar to each other than some dialects of Chinese (especially French and Spanish, as they are both neo-Latin languages). So, that is one reason that the so-called Chinese spoken language has so many speakers. This fact is reinforced because the written language is pretty much the same for most varieties.

The other factor is like Diego said, that China has such a large population. So, it is no surprise about how many people speak Chinese. However, compared to English, and even other European languages such as French, German, and Spanish, Mandarin has a smaller global presence–it is spoken only in China, and the countries that surround China, as well as by people from China that have immigrated to other countries such as Canada and the US, and some of their children. However in recent years, it is begining to become more popular to learn in Europe and North America as well, for business and tourism reasons.

First of all, thanks to their population it is the most spoken language.Secondly, they are growing in business world.

Unless i am wrong, the population of china is the largest.

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Also, we need to consider compulsory language education. In theory, Chinese children, no matter their first language, are to learn Putonghua starting from the age of six (as per what I am told by some mainland peers), with the two newly returned regions (Hong Kong and Macau) being an exception.

Why Chinese Is The Most Spoken Language?

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