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Why do Chinese refer to their spoken language as

Why do Chinese refer to their spoken language as Putonghua?

Because Google knows a lot, but it is still not yet fluent in Chinese.

(no offense to our British friends who may or may not like to disown our corruption of English and call it American as opposed to a national/regional dialect of American-English)

What does spoken language mean?

Putonghua/Guoyu is also calledcalled Mandarin in Englishand it commonly called Chinese (language), which is technically incorrect, as elaborated above. It is like saying an Indian (people) speak Indian (language), and Hindi is Indian. But Hindi = Indian is also not socially correct, whereas Mandarin = Chinese is generally widely accepted, because Hindi is not the dominant national language of India, unlike PTHs status.

There are a number of regional dialects and protected minority groups (and their languages). The equivalent would be similar to differences in Arabic dialects.

is a modern compound to translate the Western word language, even though the individual characters are ancient.

Chinese language (spoken): many ways

had connotations of telling a story; for example, Japans Tale of Genji is . Its evolution is like that of Greek and Latin parabolare from telling a story to just talking giving French parler, English parley and Parliament. I suspect it was taken up to recapitulate the Western words evolution.

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As you can see, Chinese language is a very diverse and condition-dependent. Google translate needs much more context to provide an accurate translation, assuming all these nuances have been programmed in at all.

The of Singapore is English and the in Malaysia is Bahasa Malay, so Huayu ethnic Chinese language is used instead.

And not all of these people speak a StandardDialect(Language) also know as Putonghua.

Where is Gan spoken by the Chinese?

(Zhongwen), for (Zhongguo, China), and literally means written words, not distinguishing the variations. This term is most often used by Chinese people themselves. It does not need to mean the written form only. Chinese people also say sentences like Can you speak Zhongwen? Most computer systems use this term for the Chinese language.

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People in Southern Guangdong Province speak Guangdonghua

How many languages are spoken in India?

(Huayu), (Hua) is another short way to call China. This term is mostly used out of mainland China, HK, Macau and Taiwan. For example, the term (Chinese language movies) is often used on international film festivals. In places where there are many ethnic Chinese, like Malaysia and Singapore, this term means Mandarin Chinese only, to distinguish from the variations they use.

But in Macau and Hong Kong, Chinese = Cantonese.

, Wu/Mandarin/Cantonese Chinese, some Japanese, basic Spanish

What language is spoken in Belarus?

was classical Chinese for words or language in general. It is found as radical on many other language-related characters like .

(Putonghua) / (Guoyu), to distinguish from other dialects which are usually called by the place + (hua), like (Shanghai hua), (Suzhou hua).

How do I practice my spoken Chinese?

Also used is Hanyu Han (Chinese) language but I dont like this one because Han people speak a lot of different chinwag languages! See chart above.

How many languages are spoken in China?

How many languages are spoken in India?

Is Chinese a more rapidly spoken language than English?

How does Taiwanese refer to Chinese language?

Putong means common. Putong Hua actually just means the common Chinese language, and since this term intends to be used in China only, the word Chinese is omitted.

What is the easiest spoken language to learn?

How different is the language spoken in Heilongjiang from standard Mandarin/Putonghua?

Machine translation is only for assisting human translators. is China or Chinese and is (spoken) language. The proper translation for Chinese (written) language is or . But is not Chinese language. The proper translation is Chinese languages.

What is the easiest spoken language to learn?

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After the founding of the Peoples Republic, the government decided to promote the use of Mandarin, the same as what the government of the Republic of China did (They still did that when they moved to Taiwan). Premier Zhou Enlai pointed out that there are many different ethnic groups in China besides Han Chinese, like Tibetans and Mongolians. To show that the government cares about the equality among ethnic groups, they changed the term (Guoyu, national language) into (Putonghua). (Putong) means (Pubian Tongxing, commonly used), (hua) means words, languages, dialects, etc. While in Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, the term (Guoyu, national language) is still widely in use. And sometimes mainlanders also use this term, like (Mandarin songs) and (Mandarin movies). These words were mostly spread to the mainland from Hong Kong and Taiwan.

It is like saying Americans speak American as opposed to – correctly – saying Americans speak English.

China or Zhong Guo is a concept of a domain (in geo-political terms) where a people are under the administration of a central authority and encompasses the entire domain and any people in it. It has nothing to do with language.

How many languages are there in India?

Hu is colloquial for speech in general, not writing. Putonghua was coined in the early revolutionary era to describe a populist idea of a common tongue developed by the masses, but in practice it has become the same kind of official standard as national languages anywhere.

Putonghua common speech is just one of the many spoken Chinese languages. It is based off the prestigious Beijing dialect and is also called Guoyu national language. Note that the characters mean Korean in Korea, and Japanese in Japan (i.e. their national languages).

How different is the language spoken in Heilongjiang from standard Mandarin/Putonghua?

The Chinese from mainland China use the term Putonghua because that is the offician term taught in schools and used in government and public life.

What does spoken language mean?

During the early 20th century, people in China call it (Guoyu, national language), to distinguish it from any dialects.

In Taiwan, spoken Mandarin is officially calledGuoyu() literally national language. While in Singapore, spoken Mandarin is officially calledHuayu(), literally Chineselanguage.

Which is the most sweetest spoken language in India?

How do I practice my spoken Chinese?

TL:DR: Middle Kingdom-ites speak Standard Chinese as the national language, Chinese dont speak Middle-kingdom-ese.

(Putonghua) means the standard (spoken) language in China, which is usually called Mandarin in English.

What language is spoken in Belarus?

, I spend about the same amount of my life in China and in the US.You can considered (pu tong hua) as common tongue. Within China, therere other dialect, and theyre all considered Chinese (or Chinese language, if we have to use your terminology). In order to separate Mandarin and other dialects, we call the official Chinese language (common dialect).

Which is the most sweetest spoken language in India?

In fact, in Chinese language itself, there are different ways to call it on different occasions. For example:

(Hanyu), meaning the language of Han ethnic, not distinguishing the variations like Wu (), Yue/Cantonese (), etc., usually used to distinguish from languages of other ethnic groups in China. Also used to distinguish from foreign languages. On adademic occasions, this term is best preferred if the dialects do not need to be distinguished.

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How does Taiwanese refer to Chinese language?

Zhong Guo = Middle Kingdom (or as we call it in English, China)

And a piece of advice, please dont come to us asking why dont you guys do this obviously better thing I just thought of? Trust me, whatever you just thought of, whatever this obviously better idea, we have thought about it before, we decided not to go with it. So yeah, a little bit of humility goes a long way.

Where is Gan spoken by the Chinese?

, Lived and worked in China from 2002-2004 and from 2010-[TBD](), which literally translated means common speech, was formally adopted by the government of the Peoples Republic of China in 1956 as the name to refer to describe the standardized spoken form of Mandarin that is officially used in China.


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