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Listing all species on earth a possibility

China: Celebrities to promote virtue

Penguins and sea lion returned to Atlantic

Environment shapes ants personality

China is the biggest source of tourists

Philippines online child abuse arrests

Poaching threatens survival of African elephants

2014 Sports, Science, Arts & Entertainment stories

Obama tries to repair relations with Germany

Travel company tells Danes to have sex on holiday

Visit the bank which operates inside Perus biggest prison. Watch the video and learn new words

Eat less meat to save the planet, says study

Researchers explain goalkeepers mistake

Walk or cycle for a happier commute

UN rejects claims from cholera victims

Croatia voters back same-sex marriage ban

British jihadists worry authorities

Easier UK visas for Chinese proposed

Congo deforestation in surprise fall

Obama to announce new pollution targets for power plants

Canadian wins Nobel Prize for Literature

2013 Sports, Science, Arts & Entertainment stories

Unlocking the secret to a longer life

Camels could be source of deadly virus

Last updated at 12:58 BST, Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Typhoon Haiyan: Destruction in the Philippines

Artist buries gold on British beach

Ceremony for new Archbishop of Canterbury

Dealing with Venezuelas food crisis

Egypt jails three leading activists

Saudi women campaign for the right to drive

North Korean town gets World Heritage status

Cyprus tries to sort out its finances

People arrested for attempted nuclear site sabotage

US bank to pay record $16.7bn to government

Wikileaks soldier reveals why he shared secrets

Mountaintop blasted to build telescope

Drought and snow: Extreme US weather

Chechen presidents football outburst

Beginning of the end for Japanese whaling?

Vatican bank three trillion euro fraud stopped

Chavezs body to be preserved and displayed

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